Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mega Man Universe Details From PAX

A handful of Mega Man Universe info just hit the web thanks to PAX attendees from The Mega Man Network. Mainfinger and Gelg had some time to chat in up with a Capcom rep about the game, exposing several details in the process. A quick summary of the info below:

  • Subtle implication that there's more than one type of play style; trailers only showed the "tip of the iceberg."
  • Customization is a big part of the game. Capcom rep. strongly hinted at a stage editor of sorts.
  •  Ryu, as well as the three Mega Man variants, are confirmed as playable characters. Hints of a large roster of playable characters.
  • Not only do the three Mega Men differ in appearance (Mega Man, Bad Box Art Mega Man and Rockman), they each have their own play styles and abilities. Bad Box Art Mega Man, for instance, can fire two shots at a time.
  • The "angry" Mega Man was designed by Takenori Kimoto. Why is he so angry? That's just Kimoto's style, apparently.
  • Although the trailers made it seem like MMU is largely influenced by Mega Man 2, there's a "very good possibility" we'll be seeing content from other Mega Man games.
  • Mega Man Universe not making it to Wii has to do with the file size limitations of Nintendo's WiiWare service. Capcom noted they would like to be able to support a Wii version, but couldn't at this time.
  • Target release date of Spring 2011.
  • "Everything we've shown will make more sense" come Tokyo Game Show, according to the rep.

Interesting, to say the least. Stage customization seems to be a given based off of what we've seen so far, and if it's anything like that of Mega Man Powered Up, it's sure to be quite neat. The tidbit about Mega Men having different play styles leads me to believe we might even be seeing someone like Mega Man X down the line, whose abilities will surely mix up the gameplay quite a bit (wall climbing, dashing, etc.). Can't say I'm surprised about the lack of Wii support but I'm curious if Capcom will consider the possibility of a disc release where file size shouldn't be too bad of a problem. Of course, that's only if they're really adamant on getting the game on the system.

As stated above, we can expect a lot more details about the game to come from TGS, which is just around the corner -- two weeks from now. Coverage coming soon!

Full Mega Man Universe PAX info available at The Mega Man Network.


  1. "Although the trailers made it seem like MMU is largely influenced by Mega Man 2, there's a "very good possibility" we'll be seeing content from other Mega Man games."

    I certainly HOPE that's the case. I don't know about anyone else, but I've had about all I could stand with Mega Man 2.

  2. Heck, I'm even starting to get sick of getting SICK of Megaman 2.

  3. I can't tell if Krazy Monkey likes Mega Man 2 or not. He doesn't really bring it up much.

  4. Kinda hoping there's a character customization feature. The position of the health and weapon energy seems to be set up for multiplayer, being horizontal on the top instead of vertical on the left as per usual, so having customized characters with a certain moveset would help differentiate between players.

  5. I want know if there are some robotmasters, Bad art box Megaman is USELESS!

  6. We already know there is, remember Cut Man from the group line up the other day? Yeah last time I checked he wasn't in Mega Man 2 guys.

  7. I gotta say I prefer "angry" Mega Man to the other 2 models

  8. Next thing we need is some EXE and Starforce love in this game

  9. Perhaps it could mean stage design from other series would emerge, like in X4 or X8, or Zero series. But I guess there would not be any stage from Legend or X7. When would we have meelee characters like Zero (with all his free cool moves) in the Universe?

  10. @Josh:

    I believe I had every right to blow a fuse, since that was pretty much all they were showing in the trailers. That led me (and probably many other people) to believe that Mega Man Universe was going to be nothing more than another fanservice title to please Mega Man 2 fanboys.

  11. The bit about different play styles restores my faith in this game. Slightly.

    On another note, it appears that X was just deconfirmed for MvC3 over a live stream earlier today. Holy crap, the rage. Wonder who the primary Rockman rep is now. If it's Classic, no way they're also putting in Roll this time around, and vice versa, unless they intend on ticking off a lot of people.

    Ah well, onwards to TGS!

  12. its still lame to me.

  13. Hey, no offense, 'kay guys?
    I know you guys HATE this project so much for so many reasons, but I'm starting to change my mind and expecting for this game to come.(Although I only have Wii)

    Speaking of "huge roster" not just playing as different Megamans or Capcom characters, but there might be a huge possibility that you can play as the other Wily bot's, just like how you played as the other Light numbers from MMPU.

  14. Awesome. The guy who designed angry Mega Man worked as a designer on Legends. This gives me a weak enough link to suggest that this confirms Volnutt.

    I don't see how anyone could think that this is immediately a Mega Man 2 inspired spin-off. We've seen very little of the game itself.

    The part that excites me the most is the "tip of the iceberg" of what we have seen and the aspect of future play styles. I'm hoping since it is "Mega Man" Universe that we get other Mega Man game play style options as well.

  15. I hope they also consider adding charas from MM7 and MM8. Poor underrated games.... *sob*

  16. #Capcom noted they would like to be able to support a Wii version, but couldn't at this time.#

    I dont believe Capcom. They did say the same thing for Resident Evil 5 for Wii and never happened. I dont trust Capcom on this quote anyway. I dont care because this game is going to be underrated, I bet.

  17. Can't they make the Wii downloads in 2 or more parts?

  18. @Krazy Monkey: Yes, because 1 trailer modified a bit 3 time to show somewhat different things=we can legitimately come to a conclusion. If you seriously thought that was all there was to it....

  19. Krazy Monkey, alright already. Are you capable of posting a comment that does not include MM2?

  20. Seems odd that they don't just put this on a Wii disc. I would buy it if they did. Dumb.

    And why is there a Rockman and Megaman? O_o Why is the Megaman a new style we've never seen?

  21. This whole thing reeks.

    I know it's the cool (or not cool) thing to hate on this game, but it's just fishy. I don't like the direction and the lack of wii support.

  22. @TAG:

    Well, even so, it wouldn't have been the first time that happened. Just look at Mega Man 9. That game almost entirely ignored what later games brought to the series.

    @Anonymous #10:

    I agree entirely. Those two games (along with Mega Man & Bass) are extremely underrated. Mega Man 7, in particular, is one of my all-time favorite games in the series. It's a pity how those games are considered the "worst games in the series", simply because they evolved from the 8-bit art style. That, right there, is a PRIME example of fanboyism.

  23. Well I gotta agree with Krazy, Mega Man 7 is awesome. HATERS! >:O

  24. "very good possibility"?? it is somekind of joke, isn´t it? why are they talking about possibilities and not about FACTS?? Oh, because this is one of the many lies we get used to listen/read from "capcom empire".

  25. @Krazy Monkey: SO liking a game that many other people don't like means that they're just being fanboys? >_> RIIIIIIIGHT......

  26. @TAG:

    Which comment are you addressing, exactly? The one about Mega Man 2 fanboys, or the 8-bit Mega Man fanboys who label any other game in the series as garbage for evolving from that style? If it's the former, then no. I'm not saying that people are fanboys for simply liking Mega Man 2. In fact, even I used to like it at one point. But as you're well aware already, almost any remaining fondness I've had for that game over the years has flown out the window.

    Again, I'm not calling people fanboys for simply liking Mega Man 2. The "fanboys" I'm referring to, are the people who act as if Mega Man 2 is the only game in the series that's worth anything, acting as if the other games in the series don't matter or shouldn't even exist. The people who label Mega Man 7, 8, and Mega Man & Bass as the "worst games in the series" for not being in 8-bit, also fall into this category.

    I swear, someone's always taking things that I say, and exagerrating them to seem worst than they actually are. It's either that, or people just take things I say the wrong way.

  27. Okay, people, let's leave Krazy Monkey alone now and get back to the point of this discussion: MMU.
    Personally, I'm getting more and more excited for this game. The whole "tip of the iceberg" teaser is quite tantilizing.
    *total hypocrisy moment* @Aliatias
    No X for MvC3!? D8 X needs more love, Capcom! There's a distinct possibility that he'll show up in MMU, but...that's hardly compensation...

  28. Yes, what cccd-erckie said. Let's get back to talking about Mega Man Universe.

    On a side note, though, whenever I see people use the "MMU" abbreviation, I always think of the fangame, Mega Man Unlimited.

    Anyway, though, since it's been confirmed that content from other Mega Man games is going to appear in Mega Man Universe, I think there just may be some hope for this game yet. As one of the anonymous users have said, I'm hoping content from Mega Man 7 and 8 (as well as Mega Man & Bass) will be featured. Those three games could really use some attention.

  29. Wow, a lot more hate than I was expecting; the confirmation that characters will have unique abilities has placated my fears to a good degree. Still hoping for a great difference between characters, even though I know it is not realistic. While not my favorite character, I think it would be great to play as Zero because of his quickness and acrobatic dodging/take-down skills (hopefully with Erase/Reflect chip installed!).


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