Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mega Man Universe Special Stage Footage

Here's some footage of yesterday's MMU panel at Tokyo Game Show. It's all in Japanese but still makes for an interesting watch as it contains some bits of new gameplay dispersed throughout:


  1. Well, the producer being a woman kinda explains the art style, that's for sure.

  2. Well, I was hoping for EXE, X, Legends, etc. style Megamans to be included.

    But with that art style, I don't really care.

    Chibi's not my thing.

  3. Oh my god, it´s just me, or at 00:11 they used "Microsoft Sam" to read that Capcom Live Station?

    Epick Suckness!!

  4. The more screens and videos I see of this game, the harder it is for me to suppress the urge to vomit.

  5. All those years I thought we were missing out on cool live stage shows... now I know better.

  6. Girl in pink dress is cuuuuuuute

  7. SaitoKojima -

    Sexist much? Backwards thinking = fail.

  8. The art style is awesome. It's very scoot pilgrim meets powerfuff girls. I like it, and I am a straight male. Also, if I had been there I would have used metto man or US Boxart MM and trashed hard mode like it was an ant beneath my heel!

  9. Its going to fail. SIGHING!

  10. The image of Roll in the customization screen from 09:15 is different from the others shown.

    Also, liked the costume. I hope Capcom add this one into the game:

  11. Sad because there's no footage of Mega Man prancing around with Gachapin or whatever the heck that green thing's name is.

  12. Why are they calling this Mega Man Universe in Japan? Why is it not called Rockman Universe instead?

  13. Ok, it just blows my mind that we US fans have slowly, with growth of the internet and making friends with Japanese fans and such and learning who certain characters are called over there (Rockman, Eggman, vs their US given names), it just.. blows my mind that here we are, now the Japanese are accepting the US name for Mega Man, and actually making a game and promoting the US version of the name.

    Times have changed.


    Otherwise, I could care less on the style of the characters.. It looks like Wind Waker mixed with some RubySpears cartoon and then a bit of Captain N styled stuff on top. Hmm. Not sure how I think of this, but Roll's eyes and face just SCREAM Wind Waker inspired to me.

  14. @Ash

    No, I'm not being sexist. I'm simply saying that I can tell the difference between a female artist and a male artist, for the most part.

    The MMU art style reminds me of something out of Pop N' Music or stuff like that.
    Last I checked, the main artist for that BEMANI game, is also a woman.

    Geez, it's like you fucknuts wanna try and find ANYTHING I say in a negative context.

  15. The Producer isn't the artist.

  16. wow the art style...I don't know what to think about it

    What happened to roll ? Is she sick ?

    What I like about Rockman, beside the gameplay and the music, is the art style (manga anime style)

    I'm really really not interested about that game lol

  17. inb4Krazy Monkey HAET. :B I kid, I kid!

    Lol wut.

    You're still around? Neat! I remember you! Do you remember me? Geeze, I hope not. XD

    I'll have to watch this later, since it's 36 minutes long and such. (Hooray for limited bandwidth on satellite internet! D:) But I bet it's interesting!

  18. I'm kind of sad that the scope of this project is so limited... If you're going to re-tread Megaman 2, why not really add something new like this:

    It's disappointing that "Universe" is little more than a cosmetic makeover. Even the different characters seem to play basically the same. There doesn't seem to be any major differences like those between Megaman and Megaman X (for example).

  19. @SaitoKojima I'm simply saying that I can tell the difference between a female artist and a male artist, for the most part.

    Masafumi Kimoto(the artist) is a man. Akiko Ito(the woman) is the producer.

    Not sexist, but ignorant FTW! :D


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