Tuesday, September 14, 2010

MM9, Maverick Hunter X Half Off This Week On PSN

In addition to a slew of new avatars and DLC bundles, PlayStation Network is also offering Mega Man 9 and Maverick Hunter X at half off their regular price this week. The deal is part of a three week celebration of TGS where Capcom is promising a slew of Mega Man deals throughout. Full details on this week's deal below.

  • Mega Man Maverick Hunter X (PSP) 50% off this week, only $9.99
  • Mega Man 9 50% off this week, only $4.99 
  • Mega Man 9 DLC Bundle (NEW ITEM). All the Mega Man 9 DLC for only $4.99
  • Mega Man 9 Theme Bundle (NEW ITEM). Every Mega Man 9 theme bundled for only $5.99

    If you missed out on either Mega Man 9 or MHX, now is the chance to finally pick them up at a great price.

    Source: Capcom Unity


    1. Half off, more chances for people to buy! Hopefully if people eat it up, Capcom will be inspired to create MHX2. One can only hope, lol...

    2. I'm tempted to buy Megaman 9, but I already have it on 360.

    3. I just got a PS3. How do I download Maverick Hunter X? I don't even know if I have enough space for it, though....

    4. MHX is only downloadble on the PSP playstation store, Mike. You can download it onto your PS3, but you can't play it.

    5. Oh, sorry, I meant to say PSP. >_<

      I have a PSP, I DON'T have a PS3. Whoops, can't believe I made that mistake.


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