Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mega Man Universe Gameplay From Tokyo Game Show (Update 4)

Straight from the 2010 Tokyo Game Show, some new Mega Man Universe footage for your viewing pleasure..

(UPDATE 4: Capcom Unity has posted the above videos in English. Click here to check them out!)

Keep checking back on this post throughout the night for more news from the show!


UPDATE 1: Here's an up close and personal look at the models for Angry Mega Man and Rockman. If you happen to play MMU this week, you'll get a chance to score one of these cards!

Thanks, Tom! [Rockman Unity]

UPDATE 2: Capcom has revamped both the Mega Man Universe website and the official "all series" Rockman website.

The MMU page sports a new layout and sections that detail various gameplay elements, though nothing we don't already know. Capcom Japan's official Rockman webpage got a major face lift tonight, too. The site is broken down into several new areas:  Goods Section: browse boatloads of Rockman products. Events Section: News on upcoming Rockman-related events goes here. Mobile Section: Links to download mobile games, themes and such. Finally, Rockman History Section: View a comprehensive timeline showing all (major) Rockman games released since 1987.

UPDATE 3: Footage of the Mega Man Universe booth. You can catch  glimpses of MMU's title screen, difficult select and more!


    1. Meh... these videos have done nothing to convince me that Universe is going to be anything other than an average, fan-powered, Mega Man-themed level and character editor. I hope I'm wrong, but... enh. Not feeling this at all. First time I haven't been out-of-my-freaking mind excited about an upcoming Mega Man game...

      Also, enough Mega Man 2 already. Jesus. So many Classic games are better than 2...

    2. You took the words right out of my mouth, Ash. They claimed that the game was going to contain content from other games, but...Mega Man 2 is all I'm seeing here.

    3. I hope this isnt everything from TTGS

    4. Personally, I thought that it looked like fun.

    5. I am especially upset by the way Wily looks. I'm really starting to dislike this 'Angry' art style the more I see it with each character.

    6. >> They claimed that the game was going to contain content from other games...

      It probably will have content from other games... but it will more than likely come in the form of DLC that Capcom will expect you to *pay* for. As a matter of fact, I can see this game as being the biggest paid DLC-fest that Capcom has ever created.

      Personally I would have preferred a multi-platform release of Rockman Rockman 2 (or Rockman Rockman for that matter) to this.

    7. Gotta agree with Ash. I'm quite tired of seeing 2.

    8. Unlike some people here I'm loving the angry art style the more I see it. As long as this game allows you to share stages online it'll be amazing. If not well I don't really have the interest or creative ability to make my own stage, but I love playing those made by others.

    9. Meh.

      Inafune spouting about Japanese game development dying, and then making... this?

      I'll pass.

    10. Krazy Monkey's MM2 antics return!

      In passing...

      But still!

    11. @Anonymous #7:

      Oh, give me a break. It's not as if I'm the only one who's said anything about it. All I did this time, was simply agree with what was already stated. I didn't once rant about how overrated it is this time.

    12. The music is also no good, R2 is so overdone...

    13. Very nice. Would like to see some of the other combinations of characters. Like putting Ryu's head on a robot master's body. :P

    14. "The Rockman fanbase must be reset."

    15. Capcom is getting weak with the Mega Man 2 stuff over and over again. They already made Mega Man 9play the same as 2, and now there making more 2 elements.

      It's getting repetitive.

    16. I hate it when you people makes these assumptions, by bier your idiotic rockman 2 hatred. They say the game will have more then it will... Rockman 2 is still uber popular and as long as it is they will probably show stuff from that game... It doesn't mean the other stuff isn't there...It's not like Ryu is from Rockman 2!!

    17. The Oblivious PrattlerSeptember 16, 2010 at 5:34 AM

      Cool-ish, but I'm still trying to figure out why it's being called MegaMan Universe in Japan.

    18. You didn't rant, but you still mentioned it.

      I don't know if it's physically possible for you not to.

    19. These MM2-hating anons sound similar.

    20. I don't think anyone here "hates" Mega Man 2. If you'd bothered to actually READ any comments, I might not have to point that out for you.

      Everyone here, including myself, who's mentioned Mega Man 2 is less than positive light have not said that they hate it. I don't hate it. Far from it; it's a great game. But it's OVERRATED AND OVERDONE.

      Kind of like Final Fantasy VII. Great game, just overrated.

      Get it straight. It's not difficult. Thinking something is overrated or overdone does NOT EQUAL hating it.

      Fuck, I hate having to explain such rudimentary concepts. We're all educated here, aren't we? Or maybe that's assuming too much.

    21. @Anonymous #7:

      If it's "not physically possible" for me to not mention Mega Man 2, then explain the comments I made on the "50% off" articles concerning Maverick Hunter X and Mega Man 9. Yes, Mega Man 9, of all games.

    22. I personally really like the angry art style.

    23. Usually I am a bit annoyed at Krazy complaining about Mega Man 2.. But this time I really don't blame him.

      Honestly, we had Mega Man 9 and just recently had 10, not too mention Powered Up. While all were excellent games, very fun, and to a point unique.. Is this all Capcom is able to do?

      While this 'Retro' scheme is fun and all, we really could use something that is actually NEW.

      As I have said before, I'm an even bigger fan of Sonic then I am of Mega Man (which is truly saying something), and even SEGA goes on to risk trying something that's new. Albeit they tend to fail, but at least they can say they try.

      Capcom on the other hand seems to only be doing one thing, and it's really nothing of what the fandom is asking for.

    24. Okay, I'm sick of this.

      You BEG for POWERED UP 2, which would have been WHAT?! Geez! A REMAKE OF MEGA MAN 2! On top of that, you complain now? Now that you've got exactly what you asked for, and only because it's not named "Powered Up 2"? Get over yourselves already! This is precisely why Capcom won't spend *any* real resources on Mega Man and make a real next-gen game! You guys are IMPOSSIBLE to please!

      All you're seeing is Mega Man 2 at the moment. quit whining and ask yourself why that is. Done? If you arrived at ANY conclusion other than "Because I begged for Powered Up 2 and now I'm getting exactly that with a nicer art style and even more creation tools", than please go get a brain.

      It's not ridiculous to believe that Capcom will be remaking the Classic series through Mega Man Universe as DLC. It's simply the most perfect way, and no one should expect Capcom to work for free. You are going to have to *pay* for it. If you don't like that, don't buy it.

      Quit being trolls, and then telling everyone with sense that they are the ones who have read you wrong. Anyone can read, and everyone will come to the same conclusion. If you don't hate Mega Man 2, then you wouldn't HAVE to make comments every single time it's brought up. Don't like it? Don't click it, and it's just that simple.

      I hate having to explain such rudimentary concepts. We're all educated here, aren't we? Or maybe that's assuming too much.

      Right back at you.

    25. Heh. What part of "Based on the Famous Rockman/Mega Man 2" did you people not get? As has been stated, this game is "Rockman Rockman 2", and yet...the game is above and beyond what Rockman Rockman 2 would theoretically be. As a matter of fact, this is exactly what I wanted in a Rockman Rockman 2! More characters, more customization, more bosses, more weapons, more, more, more!

      I applaud Capcom for their ideas on improving the formula laid out by Rockman Rockman! I may have to get an XBox 360 for this game... (There's other reasons I'd want a 360, but this is certainly high atop those reasons!)
      As for the art style, I'd have but seven words for you folks: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Chances are if you didn't like that game for its "cutesy angular art style", you don't like this for the same.

    26. @Krazy Monkey: Well it's often enough for it to be sickeningly annoying.

    27. Actually I loved Wind Waker for it's cutesy art style. It was a bold, fresh design.

      Powered Up was a great game, and a sequel would be awesome. My complaint was that this is all that Capcom seems to be doing. Remakes. You can only reinvent the wheel so many times.

      I cannot wait for this game, as it looks amazing and down right fun. The only thing that could peek my interest more, if there was Multiplayer in it. Since I've been wanting that since Mega Man 9.

      Anyway. I don't believe anyone is really trolling here. Krazy Monkey brought up a good point that all we are seeing is the same gameplay as MM2. When they start showing us more features and characters, then I think more people will be satisfied.

      Personally, while it does look new with newer features and characters, it's still much of the same.. That doesn't mean I am not very pleased at it so far.

      We fans are not so hard to please. I'm considering buying a PS3 just for this game. I mean, it's Mega Man. How can we not love it? :3

    28. @Mocho
      I loved Wind Waker as well!

      Yes, Krazy Monkey brought up a point. I'll give you that one. The same "point" he's brought up in *every single* Mega Man Universe post that I can remember since the gameplay debut trailer.

      It's not a "good" point either, as I'm sure he was one of the thousands angry at the lack of a Powered Up sequel. (correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it's a safe bet.) His point is entirely nullified as 'Powered Up 2' is precisely what we are being given.

      If he would rather see remakes of other games in the series, than he needs to understand that Mega Man 2 needs to be out of the way first, and nobody expects Capcom to skip it because of a few fan's petty hatred.

      I'd love for Capcom to to never revisit the BN/SF series ever again, and so would a few others, but I'm not going to get that am I? I accept this and refrain from clicking on BN/SF articles and leaving ugly comments about my dislike for it.

      He just needs to accept that and move on. Now that he knows he doesn't like Mega Man Universe, he need to quit clicking the articles and leaving nasty comments.

    29. Windsor, since when did "not having the same opinion as you" become trolling? The goal of trolling is to upset people, and I very much doubt that's anyone's intention. We're the people who make Mega Man possible, we're the ones who buy the games and help Capcom fund more sequels. Don't we have the right to complain if we see something we don't like?

      Now about Mega Man 2, I don't think anyone here actually hates it. It's just that Capcom has been milking it for so long it's getting tiresome. And the fans are no different. I don't know about you but I'm getting really tired of hearing a metal cover of Wily Stage 1 for the hundredth time.

    30. @Recoil

      I'm not going to argue with you, because I'm not going to change your mind. I'll just post this final statement and leave you all alone. Ever since Ash Paulson proved to me that he has no brain (about halfway down this page for the record:, I've decided that the comments section of most Mega Man fan sites are no longer worth my time due to an overall low I.Q.

      About trolling, you're absolutely right with that definition. A definition that I certainly see fulfilled. With every article all I see is complaining and whining. It's not like I'm new here. This isn't the first time I've seen this, it's the hundredth. With every article even *mentions* Mega Man 2, ((, haters make their points known and their voices heard, and I am not the only one who wants it stopped.

      I react this way to them because this is the reaction I used to get from others when I spoke a single word against Battle Network or Star Force, a branch of the franchise I simply can't stand. I understand where the haters are coming from, because there are aspects of this series that I hate as well.

      As for your actual question, disagreeing with me is not trolling. No, I'm not as self-centered as most fans here who seem to think that Mega Man revolves around them. No, trolling is hatefully repeating your opinion to the point where others make bets in new articles as to how long it will take for the same person to again reinforce their well known and infamous opinion.

      Again, I know I'm not gonna change your opinion, but whatever. I just hope Capcom knows that not the entirety of the fanbase isn't made of impossible to please "Krazy Monkey"'s.

      Up until now, I've been able to keep my cool about this and be calm and polite, but now it's just gone on for too long. Krazy Monkey and others' constant whining about Mega Man 2 is *far* more obnoxious than any amount of Mega Man 2 "overuse" that Capcom could possibly have done in the 22 years that the game has been on the market.

      Thank you for your time, and have a good rest of the day. Windsor, over and out.


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