Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Megamix and ZX Vol 2 Due Out Tomorrow

It's been a long time coming but the day is nearly upon us: Udon Etnertainment's Matt Moylan has sent word that both Mega Man Megamix vol 2 and Mega Man ZX vol 2 graphic novels will be in stores tomorrow, September 8! And, as usual, he's hit us up with a few preview pages:

Now, some of you have pointed out the books have slightly different release dates on Amazon -- Megamix on the 18th, ZX on the 21st. This is because, as with most Udon releases, online retailers get their shipments later than comic book stores. As such, both are guranteed to be in stock at comic shops tomorrow but the date is less precise for online stores.

Thanks a bunch to Matt for keeping us in the loop!


  1. You know, I've seen Proto Man without his helment plenty of times, but I'm pretty sure this is the first time he's been seen without his armor, or whatever. That design's pretty cool looking.

  2. Yep, I like the artwork very much :) Many thanks again to Udon for bringing these over.

  3. Oh yeah, this kind of stuff is awesome <3.

    lol a failsafe mode to prevent Blues of breaking the Three Laws of Robotics? How is that possible? Light would've needed to cover all possible scenarios where Blues might need to harm a human.

    And now I understand why Skull Man is so important to Ariga's mangas. What an interesting way to explain why is Skull Man skull-themed. It may have been a way for Dr. Cossack to please Wily or something xD


    Are there more preview pages like these ones?

  4. Im pretty sure they've been out in the UK for awhile. but im still unable to find stock on MegaMix Vol 2.

  5. @MusashiAA - I'm not even going to act like an expert, but as a programmer, you don't have to cover all possible scenarios, just design an algorithm that encapsulates all of them......why am I acting like this is real?

  6. I'll have to head to the local shop and pick this up!! :D

  7. Ah I wish there was a local comic book store that would carry these....having to wait an extra couple of weeks (for them both to come out) is very rough indeed!

  8. @MusashiAA:
    Stone Man and Gyro Man:

  9. Follow-up :

    Whelp, my shop doesn't have it yet! But they think they may be getting it soon, and they've gotten a few other calls about it! XD So there are other obscure Megaman fans here at ISU! Haha!

  10. I bought it today at my shop! I'm super excited to read it!


  11. At the back of the book it says Megamix Vol 3 is also do out in September. Udon's website also says this. Does anyone know if this is still the case?


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