Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mega Man 9 DLC Bundles, New Avatars Coming To PSN

Once again, Amazon has leaked details on some upcoming downloadable Mega Man goods coming to PlayStation Network, all of which are set to release this week on September 14.

In addition to a batch of new PSN ID avatars, Amazon is also listing two Mega Man 9 DLC bundles:

  • Mega Man 9 DLC Bundle [Online Game Code] - $4.99
    • "Purchase all five DLC items for Mega Man 9 with this Mega DLC Bundle. (Includes Endless Attack Mode, Hero Mode, Superhero Mode, Proto Man Mode and the Special Stage). Important: Purchasing this bundle will not incur a credit to you for items that you already own."
Thew new avatars listed by Amazon include (all retailing at $0.49):

The DLC bundles sure are interesting, so if you've yet to nab 'em all, why not do it in one fell swoop? All of this is supposedly hitting Sept. 14, so keep an eye out!


    1. Um... but....

      The themes for Megaman 9 are... not that good looking, and are basically the exact same things as each other, just different color icons.

      If I'm gonna get a Megaman theme, I'd just get the Megaman 10 Dynamic Theme which features Mega, Proto, Bass, Metool and Nitro Man racing to the finish.

      It's nice on the eyes, the colors don't clash with the menu text at all, and it's good to watch when you're bored and waiting on a download.

      Though... it's sound effects get really annoying by the first 6 seconds. They're very loud, and I mean LOUD.

    2. I'd probably download the DLC pack, if I hadn't already downloaded each of them individually almost two years ago.

    3. Woah. Sweet. The DLC pack sounds awesome. The themes however, they suck...

    4. You know, I just realized... This downloadable content pack costs less than what had to be paid when downloading them all individually. The prices were:

      Endless Attack: 300 Wii Points ($3)
      Proto Man Mode: 200 Wii Points ($2)
      Hero Mode: 100 Wii Points (#$1)
      Super Hero Mode: 100 Wii Points
      Special Stage: 100 Points

      All of these added up is eight dollars, as opposed to $4.99. Had they actually thought to do this back then (or if I actually downloaded the 360 version), then I definitely would've went with the DLC pack.


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