Monday, September 27, 2010

Mega Man Star Force OCW Tentatively Dated, Cover Art Surfaces

If there's one thing I love about Udon is their policy to preserve original cover artwork during localization. Such is the case with the Mega Man Star Force: Official Complete Works cover spotted over at Barnes & Noble.

As you can see, the English translated version, set to release in December, will retain its original Japanese art in its entirety, much like previous OCW books. What remains to be seen is if Udon will follow the tradition of adding embossed imagery or holographics to the cover -- a practice done since Mega Man Zero: Official Complete Works.

According to B&N, MMSF OCW will ship out on December 21 with a suggested retail price of $39.99, or roughly $26.99 if purchased from B&N. The 176 page book contains official and conceptual artwork from all three titles in the Star Force series and developer commentary dispersed throughout.

Bear in mind, the release date is likely tentative as Udon themselves have yet to announce a date.


  1. Wow! I knew they were going to release that book, too. I can't wait to see it in English.

  2. This is the one artbook I always wanted to get.

    Now that it's being released in English at a much better price, there's no doubt that I'll be picking this one up.

  3. Where's my Battle Network one though, That art is fantastic and such a good range of characters through out the whole series

  4. Need to get BN first, but I'll definitely be picking this up.

  5. I think I might pick this one up too. Wasn't the biggest fan of SF tho, but still a moderately fun series.

  6. Even though it probably wont be filled with much, where's mah Legends OCW? Perhaps they'll release it after MML3, if that truly is what's right around the corner.

  7. @Anon -

    Rest assured, Battle Network OCW's coming first, then Star Force. I'm working on it right now, in fact! I'm doing my best to make the US version of the book the best it can be. :)

  8. With the last two OCWs coming, I wonder which book would be released next. It would be good to see translations of books like Rockman 10 Years History Book, Rockman Memories, Rockman Perfect Memories, Compendium of Rockman X, Rockman DASH Capcom Official Creation Material Collection Great Adventure Guide, and others from the over 10 Rockman books that exist.

    And a DASH and ZX OCW!

  9. Even once UDON announces the street date, it'll be another month and a half before we actually get it.

    Unless it's a Street Fighter book. We get those on time.


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