Sunday, September 5, 2010

Here's Your Kotobukiya Rockman Packaging

Featuring brand spanking new art!

More shots after the break...

Rockman ships out later this month. Pre-order yours from one of many stores here!

Credit: Ngee Khiong


  1. Those are some messed up proportions...

  2. ''Sample of unpainted kit''(says so in the picture)...? But it's in color @_@; Sure, if it's done in photoshop it isn't painted, but.. Shouldn't that be ''sample of painted''?

  3. @Roy L.

    It means the Kit will look like that with no extra paint added.

  4. @ Roy L.

    That's because the kit is pre-molded in color, and the eyes have been pre-painted like the Hoi-Hoi kits Koto also does.

  5. Awesome, I will probably buy all of these that they make, haha.

  6. How so, anon1?

    And man... I really want this. And Roll. AND Proto Man! Gah! I hope they really do come to the States (Capcom Store)!


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