Thursday, September 23, 2010

Don A Servbot Helmet In PlayStation Home

Sony released a bevvy of Dead Rising 2 themed goodies on PlayStation Home today in anticipation for the game's release (September 28 for NA). Included amidst the accessories and themes is the ever adorable Servbot helmet, an iconic item found within both DR1 and DR2, whose likeness is based off of the little bots from Mega Man Legends.

The helmet, and the rest of the DR2 goods, can be purchased directly from the PlayStation Home Mall. No price was detailed so you'll have to go and investigate it for yourselves. Let us know all the details if you can!

Thanks for the tip, Huriccane Wolf.

Source: PlayStation Home Blog


  1. Now we just need these in real-life...

  2. Not worth it to pay money for these, to be completely honest.

    Then again, any Home items aren't. XD

  3. Servbots need more love, people!

    Sure, they may be abused by everybody's favorite pirate, Tron Bonne, but they need more love, people!

    So buy this Playstaion Home item now or else Tron Bonne will take you to the Puninishment Room! >:3

  4. DLC = Waste of Money

    When companies actually sell me a product instead of a license, I'll buy it. How is it DLC the only thing a company can sell you something you don't really own.


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