Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mega Man Universe Confirmed For PAX; First Footage Expected

Capcom has officially confirmed Mega Man Universe will be featured at PAX this weekend, and the best part is we'll be getting our first real look at the game in action -- this according to a post over at Capcom Unity.

"Located near the middle of the expansive exhibition showfloor, Capcom's 1,500 sq. ft. booth features hands-on gaming for some of the most anticipated games of the coming year including: Mega Man Universe with new, never before seen trailers and game levels."

    As usual, I'll be posting up whatever comes out of the show right here on the blog.

    Furthermore, Mega Man Universe swag is also slated to be on-hand for convention goers, like this MMU headband that will be given away every half hour:

     (first look at the game's official artwork?)

    Other Mega Man swag on sale includes the all new Sour Servbot Bobble Budds and Mega Man and Proto Man Kubrick/Be@rbrick sets.

    More information on PAX 2010 available at Capcom Unity and the show's official website here.


    1. So this means we'll actually get to see some actual gameplay?

      *not that the anime trailer thing wasn't awesumz. ^_^

    2. I already hate the art style.

    3. I hate the art style me too, it's bad...i think.

    4. If that is indeed the art style, I can safely say that they are going for a LittleBigPlanet type of game.

      Just look at both Mega and Ryu's simple proportions. So simple, they look like templates for other designs to fit in that style.

      I dunno, let's wait and see.

    5. @Tag:

      The anime trailer was for Rockman Online, not MMU.

    6. Urk, not a fan of that art style so far.

    7. I'd love to have that Ryu one!!

      On another note, my text confirmation is: mulan


    8. If there's going to be other Capcom characters in this game shouldn't this have just been called Capcom Universe instead then?

      Too early to judge, but if those pics is the art style, not liking it too much.

    9. So, they really ARE going to show some actual footage? About time. Had this been a repeat of what was displayed at Comic Con, I was going to blow a fuse.

    10. I actually like the artstyle. It's cute :3. They look like little toys. They better release figurines based on these little guys.

    11. Well I certainly can't rage and say I think the game sucks. But the art is none the less not terribly pleasing to me. We'll just have to see how it all pans out.

    12. ^blag, I'm getting everything mixed up today. D: I meant the claymation trailer.

      *although the anime trailer thing WAS awesome, but that's a different thing entirely

    13. What?! I loved the way that first trailer looked! Can't we stick with that, Capcom? Please?!

      This is way over the top, and could possibly keep my from playing the game. This looks like one of those hideous toys you find in stores that every single toy company makes that they all somehow call "collectables" with a straight face. Yuck!

      Oh well. I'll hold onto my hopes until I see gameplay, or another trailer, or something.

    14. Hmm... I wonder what that part in the trailer where Mega Man becomes his 8-bit version was about then?

      Whatever, as long as we can play as our ideal Mega Man.

    15. If that's the way the character sprites or what-have-you is going to look in-game. I am going to be sorely disappointed that they took this childish, unneeded Little Big Planet direction. Also, spare me the virtues that MegaMan is a kid's game at heart. The classic series may seem cute and cuddly but underneath that colorful exterior is a deep, meaningful and fairly mature concept. That really comes to a head in the X series. Capcom just seems to be using Mega Man as some sort of marketing tool. More so than before and more so than just a simple franchise. I guess when fans say they want MegaMan back to his roots, they mean 8-Bit. That's fine and dandy, but they should take some lessons from Sega and Ninteno continuing their classic style with NSMB and Sonic 4 with current gen styles. I dunno, I am rambling. I still have hopes for this game, but I still have to wait and see for myself.

    16. @Windsor

      Yeah, Mighty Muggs, Munny Figures and Jazwares JUVIs. =P

      They already have the action figures out for this game, then! XD

    17. I'm sure I'm not the only one that is extremely worried about this game now...

    18. I was worried the moment they started calling it Megaman Universe in Japan. Means it has a slight likeliness of not being a Rockman game. Although I can't say that for sure, nor can I saw that whether or not it is it will be good or bad. But I am still hoping and assuming that it will be a fun and interesting game since we have some very talented people behind it.


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