Monday, September 6, 2010

Mega Man X Deconfirmed For MvC3

Overshadowed by the unveiling of Mega Man Universe, word has it that Mega Man X, one of the most highly requested characters for Marvel vs. Capcom 3, has been deconfirmed by none other than Capcom's Seth Killian.

The news broke during a Capcom Unity live stream of PAX where Seth was on-hand to answer viewer questions. According to notes made over at Shoryuken, Seth went on to say that it was already too late to implement characters suggested in Unity's Suggestion Box into MvC3 -- this includes Mega Man X, Phoenix Wright and Gene -- because the roster had already been finalized by then.

However, all is not entirely lost for X fans; rumor has it producer Ryota Niitsuma at one time confirmed the game will have an X series rep., and Seth even made a remark X fans will be happy with whoever it is. Who could it be? Speculation points to Zero, of course (who previously starred in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom), but you never know.

Full story at Shoryuken. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!



  2. Yeah, it's definitely Zero, no doubt about it.

  3. As long as it's not Axl...

  4. I've never played X7, X8, or Command Mission, so I don't have much of an opinion on Axl. However, I've seen some a few videos of his gameplay style in action, and he looks fun to play as. I don't quite understand the hate for him.

    Also, do you know who else would make a good addition to a Marvel vs. Capcom game? Sigma. It would be nice to see him as a playable character at least once.

  5. "the game will have an X series rep., and Seth even made a remark X fans will be happy with whoever it is."
    ...which completely deconfirms Axl for the roster, because everyone HATES him, as Anonymous #2 demonstrates. *sigh*
    If we are to assume that the rep for the X series is a Hunter, Process of Elimination dictates that Zero is the only remaining option.
    However, let's assume that Capcom wants to throw a curve ball at us. The rep may not be a Hunter. The rep COULD be a Navigator, most likely Alia. The rep could also be a popular Maverick, like Sigma, or more likely Vile.
    As an X series fan, I'm disappointed that X will not be in the game. As a devoted Axl fan, however, I'm crossing my fingers. I'm not holding my breath, though.

  6. No love for Colonel? It's either Zero, Axl, or Colonel.
    Zeros to obvious.
    Axl... Has a chance of being in it.
    Colonel has a chance too.

    Now guys, decide, Who is it: Axl or Colonel?

  7. The only X series rep that will due is Zero, anyone else would be unjustified. And please god...NO AXL! He's just some x/zero hybrid wannabe.

    Dante vs Zero would rule, But why would they put the origonal MM in over X in the first place, X should've been in MM's from day 1.

  8. They sould do a MMX fighting game, with X, Zero, Colonel, Sigma, and all the mavericks!
    That would totally rule!


  10. When I heard this news on the stream the other day, I had a big grin on my face.

    It was like "HA! The fucking fanboys can finally shut the fuck up and stop making 20000+ threads all over the place going 'I WANTZ TEH MEGGERMENZ ZEXXXXX IN MAHVUL 3!!' and all that shit".

    Though, I will be honest, if they just copy-paste Zero and Volnutt from TvC, I'm gonna be kinda disappointed because that's pretty lazy. :/

  11. Your friendly, neighborhood Metool VS CapcomSeptember 6, 2010 at 5:43 PM

    I'm honestly wondering why anyone is doubting that it's Zero.

    I mean think about it, The whole essence of the "Marvel VS" series is using old character models/sprites made into a new game (Little remember that MVC2 had I think maybe 5 new character sprites IIRC?) With MVC3, you have another chance to use old assets. And with TVC out there, they can grab character assets from there (Joe seems like a good example of this.) and stick them in the new game.

    So ergo, since It'd be more cheaper to pull from a pre-made source and since the only "X" series character that's recently had some time in the spotlight is Zero, He must be the MMX Rep.

    Anyone else would not only break the spirit of prior VS titles, but would also cost a bit more money to make the models,assets, etc of. Money they spend on getting popular characters in the game that haven't had models before, i.e Dante and the RE Rep. (Wesker, I think his name is?)

    As well, no matter how you slice it, Zero is the more popular character when compared to X and Axl. If he wasn't, would we have MegaMan Zero? No, we would not.

    This is also the same reason why I think that Volmutt's going to be the Legends rep (And general MM hero) and why Roll's going to be the classic rep.

    Oops. Sorry for bringing realistic expectations into this. SERVEBOTS AND MIKE HAGGAR FOR MVC3!

  12. @Saito

    Once again, Saito, your rude and offivse behavior offends some people... -_-!

    But other than that.

    I didn't know X wasn't gonna be in MVC2 till now. I'm a little bit sad, but I hope they bring CLassic MegaMan in MVC3 like In MVC2 with some new moves.

  13. Protodude, happy birthday!

  14. @perosn before HeroManX:

    Zero is overdone. It's only so long before they put Zero in one game, And then the fans rant and rave. In the past year, I would say, Zeros had enough time in the spotlight. Axl and colonel are being shunned.

  15. @HeroManX:

    I don't care, I enjoy seeing the retarded majority of the fanbase go batshit over what I say. Why? Because it goes to show that they can't handle a decent argument, so I now like to jab at their stupidity as much as possible, in hopes that they'll realize that all they're doing is giving me more material to use against them. :3

    Besides, Shooting Star and ZX would be much better in MvC3.

  16. The most likely candidate is Zero, but Sigma also has a high chance considering the fact that Capcom has no villains on their side. Also, I believe there's actually a plot in the game written by Marvel, so it'd be weird if Capcom was lacking villains. In Vile's case, I doubt he could make it since he's more of an anti-hero rather than a villain.

    It's a shame that X couldn't make it; he was probably the only character I cared about to be represented. However, there were several things that made his inclusion unlikely: Zero is already made from TvC, there's a Kattelox Island stage hinting at Volnutt, and if Frank West is to be included, his Real Megabuster already takes on the form of X.

  17. Although Axl is annoying story-wise, he is good gameplay-wise.

  18. It's gonna be the X1 version of Sigma! lol.

    Nah, I'm putting my money on Zero.

  19. this is so sAd, LIke i´ve said before, it´s a Letdown for All of us. ThIs is A bad Strategy From it to pUt this Character in a darK room; well, it´s its nature to be greedY Over any of its prodUcts.

  20. You never know ? Capcom is full of bologna. No thanks!

  21. I feel like I might be in the minority in saying that I want the original Mega Man in most of all. ^^;

    But, hey, maybe X can still be DLC?

  22. Eh, oh well. Pretty disappointing, but I'm not too distraught. If anything, I'd personally like to see Sigma. Although it'll probably be TvC Zero, which'll be cool as well.

  23. The hilarious thing about all this is that the result is leading to a huge spike in EXE support over at GameFAQs and especially Capcom Unity.

    I stuck with EXE since the very beginning, despite how incredibly unlikely it was. Then I somehow got a surge of confidence two weeks ago that made me feel that EXE was going to be the one represented, even though logic states that it should be the other way around. Now with the deconfirmation of X... Holy crap.

    - MvC3 is releasing next year. EXE's 10th anniversary is next year. What better way to celebrate the most successful Rockman franchise (aside from Classic) than by giving EXE representation in MvC3? That's especially since we're never going to get an actual new EXE game anyways. (Ungrateful X fans with Rockman Online...)

    - Popularity is not the only factor that determines which character gets into the game. I've been following MvC3 long enough to know that other factors such as animation issues and the potential for a character's moveset to be unique are also important factors. And EXE has about ten times the arsenal of all the other Rockmen (aside from Star Force), meaning lots of material to pull a unique moveset from.

    Then again, knowing my luck, it's going to be Classic.

    (I'm doubting the Legends stage is for Volnutt since I highly doubt they would blatantly hint at him in that way, like how Nitsuma's 'X fans will be happy' statement did not mean that X was in the game. Plus, the stage could be for Tron Bonne instead, who has the added bonus of being a veteran from MvC2 and is a considered a villain - and the Capcom side thus far is lacking villains.)

  24. @Alilatias: Wait, what ever happened to the whole "Tron Bonne IS in the Legends Stage, so how the bloody hell could she be a playable character"?

  25. @ TAG: They could easily program a way to take her out of the background when a player uses her. It's happened before.

  26. @Alilatias: Oh yeah.............derp.

  27. So did they just completely dismiss the possibility of DLC, then? Because that would be a surefire way to get fan favorites into the game without rushing the game out the door.

  28. Guys..Its obviously Velguarder, Sigma's Dog.

  29. They can make up for it by putting X in the next "Smash Bros" game.

  30. @Saito

    Saying that makes you sound like a troll and a Star Force and ZX fanboy who thinks those two are better than Classic, X and Zero.

    Oh, and Did I even have to mentioned your pathiec Zero Collection rants which you won't shut up about?

    Look at how you're becoming the most hated person in this blog...

    Forgive my rant, but I wonder if Roll will make a return in MVC3?

  31. IF its not going to be megaman X then don't bother bringing any other charathers from the X series just bring back rock & roll please...

  32. @TAG
    Also Chun-li and others appear in the background and also in the game. Also in Street Fighter 4 Mike Bison is in the background of one stage, and both player 1 and 2 could be playing as him making 3 o him on screen at once if you like.

  33. I hate how Capcom always seem to prefer Zero to X.
    Seriously, X is the main character, just put him in a crossover for a change, it's not that hard, is it?

  34. oh maaan nox X or phenix? hmm dare i say SIGMA for an X rep?

  35. No love for Signas?

  36. Ugh. Fucking Zero again. I am so damn tired of him. X is so much better. Interest in MvC 3 mostly obliterated.

  37. Welp, this just means my need to buy this game just went down the toilet. Happy Amateratsu got in, but no X = none of my money, Capcom.

    I'll just play at my sister's house. I'm sure they'll get it.

    It'll be Zero, for sure. This is what I mean. X always gets shat on.. The way to make us happy, Capcom, would be, either make a very kick-ass X game that will be released GLOBALLY and not just Korea / Japan (finally), or you include X in MvsC3. Since #2 is officially not happening and I doubt the likelihood of #1, you suck, and I stick my birdy up at you.

  38. Totally Chill Penguin. You know you love him.

  39. I can't believe what I saw... Capcom definitely killed Megaman X... how could you, Capcom? Have you abandoned our favorite hero, X? Why? WHY?!?

  40. Or... they could be pulling a ninja on us and actually be releasing all megamen as one character. :D

  41. For those who want video proof:

    "Subsequently, there's been a lot of request for, you know, Phoenix Wright and Gene from God Hand and uh, of course Mega Man X. Uh yes, those have come up a lot, so, I mean we definantly hear that, its just that in this situation, we're... at the time they started coming in, we were pretty close to uh... To set for our character list... Sorry."

    Even though I never cared for X in the first place, I call this a BS explanation. Giving out the real reason would have likely hinted at exactly which Rockman made it into the game far too much.

  42. There will be times capcom do some stupid shit and this would be one of those times and like Lol said Zero has been in the spotlight for too long,it HAS to BE MEGAMAN X.

  43. ALSO I'll be damned if its Axl, SIGMA, AND espically VILE ya rotten bastards.

  44. I don't think we can trust Seth when he speaks that way at PAX. He's letting us down because he deconfirmed our favorite Capcom hero, Megaman X.


  45. Your immaturity in X not being in MvC3 astounds me on some of you.

    Seriously. Get over it. Besides. Zero has more character development than X does. What does X have? A mopey attitude by X7 (until X8 when he actually starts off at the beginning).

    Seriously. It's no wonder Inafune likes Zero so much.

  46. ^ I feel the opposite. Let us all vent in our own way. Save for the spazzing of a few, many have legit reasons to be pissed.

    But seriously, take a few steps back before you post. Seriously, do you know even know WHY Inafune actually likes Zero so much? And just how far he was willing to shoe-horn the main character status when given the chance?

    And more development? Big difference between character development and having focus shifted into one big praise-fest. Come X4 forward Zero was given simply more focus to make him look more important. Goodie for him. He's a directors favorite.

    Both characters (X and Zero) have interesting storylines that are never given any depth. Just loads of talk about their amazing power on both ends.

    Finally, what does X have? What he'll always have no matter how much character derailment (X7) is thrown at him? It's cheesy to say, but it's true: The very definition of a true hero.

    Selflessness, compassion even if near blind hopefulness (though this changes as he gets more distrusting and a bit in terms with things around him as the series progressed), the power to actually make his ideals a reality no matter how long the road and no matter how much he stumbles and faults himself along the way.

    You can empathize with him. You wanna root for him. Hell, I bet he believes between them, Zero is the true hero and simply wishes to do his part to bring peace. All the more reason I would have never forgiven if they went along with making him the true villain of MMZ as opposed to a copy.

    tl;dr- Just as much as you feel no one should care, X has his fans no matter how small in number and reason and each have their right to express their disappointment/frustration no matter how it looks. Acting on those feelings is never pretty right?


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