Friday, September 17, 2010

New MMU Playable Character Revealed

It appears Mega Man Universe's playable cast won't be limited to just Capcom and Mega Man characters.  Announced during a special stage event at the Tokyo Game Show today, Gachapin, a popular children's television hero in Japan, is next in line to get Megafied.

Gatchapin, dubbed 'Megapin' for the occasion, will be obtainable via a future DLC update. What's more, Megapin won't be the last collaborative character, it seems. Coinciding with his reveal, Capcom opened up a new section on their official Universe website called "Tie-ups", a space devoted solely to collaborative characters.

The possibilities for other, non-Capcom characters could truly be endless. That said, what kind of non Mega Man/Capcom characters would you like to play as?

Full stage show report available at Dengenki [via Andriasang]


  1. Dear God, that thing is nightmare fuel incarnate.

  2. Boba Fett. (definitely)

    Captain America.

    Spider Man.

    Silver Surfer.




    Simon Belmont. (No Alucard, pls.)

    Solid Snake.

  3. ...This HAS to be a joke. Seriously. Then again, so is Mega Man Universe in its entirety, but that's just my opinion.

  4. In before people complaining about Megapin.

    I like him actually.

  5. Am I the only one who thinks Gachapin looks like MegaMan from the Captain N cartoon?

  6. This could be cool.

    Though I'm hoping we get some characters we actually know.


  7. ok i am done, i will not buy this game!

  8. Saito wins awesomesauce.

    Also, Samus Aran pl0x.

  9. It's Smash Bros. Brawl all over again!

  10. Never heard of Gachapin before. Looks interesting. Reminds me of the Boktai crossover with the EXE series and that ice cream mascot in Boktai 3.

  11. Wow, someone mentions a comment I made and didn't try and verbally murder me for it.

    Now all we need is all the SSR/EXE haters to suddenly gather together and say "We actually loved these games, but we were just afraid of change".


  12. I've been very open minded about MM Universe, but I don't like where this is going. At al

  13. Hm! This could actually be pretty cool.


    Aha! Thought he looked familiar. Saw this guy in the Tosh.0 website a long time ago.


  16. Forget it. It is getting worse. No thanks. It is going to fail. What a shame!

  17. KOS-MOS for MegaMan Universe, though I wanted Reiji and Xiamou from Namco X Capcom to appear in MMU since MegaMan Legends appeared in NXC.

    The reason I want KOS-MOS to be in it is because I'm totally in love with her. So shut up! Espcially you, Saito...

  18. The possibility of non-Capcom characters being playable in an uber customizable Mega Man game is presented, and people are COMPLAINING?!

    I just... I just don't understand the people that post here anymore.

  19. @Clown Prince of Crime: It's not unusual to not like strange crossovers.

    It would be like Edward Cullen cameoing in a Mario game. Maybe not so perverse, but still irritating.

  20. So ridiculous...shame.

  21. Barney will appear next! Maybe Bert and Ernie next? Oh the possibilities are so endless, it's absolutely an embarassment! -_-

  22. Your friendly, neighborhood MettomanSeptember 17, 2010 at 10:42 PM

    First Ryu...
    Now this?

    Has anyone explained WHY these crossover characters are being included?

    I mean, they say that you can play as your ideal Mettoma- I mean megaman, and I can see this being true with rockman, BBA-MegaMan and megaman. But I've honestly never wanted to play as Ryu or this Barney-esque thing in a MegaMan game. Why are characters like theese being added instead of other MegaMan characters that aren't rock? Like Roll, Protoman, bass,Green Biker dude, etc...

    Oh, and before anyone says somthing akin to "You may not want them, but others do", I say this to you. I am going to campaign on this blog for the addition of Archie Andrews to this game. I shall subliminally mention it in every comment I post on here. Would he add anything to the game? no. Would he be a welcome character? Most likley not. If he were in the game, would he be stripped of all fighting potential, due to the over-protectivness of his parent company? Most definatly. Sure, he may be a shite character, but I want him in. You may not want him in this game, but others do.

  23. Happened. Move on.

    Seriously, if you don't like the character because he's different, don't use him. There are many others available.

    Also, a team of Shuma-Gorath, Servbot and Amingo in Marvel vs Capcom 2, characters from Klonoa and Darkstalkers working together in Namco x Capcom, and cute Servbots in horrifying Dead Rising aren't strange?

  24. Wow... Normaly, I absolutely love crossovers, but this... A little kid's character? Come on. And are they gonna keep him in the American version, where most likely very little people know about him? Maybe they'd replace him with someone else in the western version, like Spongebob. That would be, actualy be pretty neat. As much cool as that would be, it just doesn't make much sense. How about Icebat, from the uglydolls? How 'bout Michael Jackson, or the Angry Videogame Nerd? Yeah, AVGN swears and the spelling of the word comesa out of his mouth and hits the opponent. As cool as it would be to have them there, it just doesn't make much sense. It's Megaman Universe, not Universe, or Megaman's Party That Got Ruined 'Cause Of Dr.Wily Now They Gotta Kill Him.

  25. Funfact: it's DLC. Don't want this character? Then don't download it.

  26. As i´ve mentioned before, let´s wait for the justin bieber/lady gaga featuring on this game.....

    Epic Suckness.

  27. Hur hur! I want Clowd and Sepherrawth! :D

  28. Wow, I'm with CPoC on this. I just don't see the hate. It's clearly obvious they're trying to mimic the diversity of Little Big Planet. Complete with the 3rd party costumes. I think people are still so incredibly bitter that this isn't any kind of canonical installment, they want to hate everything about it.

    I'm not excited about Gatchapin, but I'm definitely excited about the prospect as playing as other characters. Give it a chance people, geeze!

  29. If it's going to get silly, I'd like to see Captain N's Mega Man, Ruby Spears' Mega Man, and X.

  30. Feliciano "Italy" Vargas
    Alfred F. "America" Jones
    Kiku "Japan" Honda
    Arthur "England" Kirkland
    Yashiro "Shiro" Isana
    Too bad this game was canned.


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