Friday, September 3, 2010

Mega Man Universe Screenshots And Artwork (Update)

Hot on the heels of the three gameplay trailers, Capcom has released a few high-res screens and character artwork for Mega Man Universe, viewable below.

Again, as PAX West rages on, expect more stuff to be released throughout the weekend. Stay tuned!

Credit: Scrawl

UPDATE: According to the Mega Man Network, the official Mega Man Universe site saw a minor update earlier today, revealing an image depicting some of the Robot Masters and other characters we can expect to see in the game:

Here's the image again with adjustments to lighting and exposure, revealing even more characters:

From the looks of it, MMU contains mostly Mega Man 2 Robot Masters and, tucked away behind Rockman, is Ghouls n' Ghosts' Arthur, one of the teased playable characters.

Spot anyone not noted already? Let us know in the comments!


  1. It's a shame for Rockman 2 i think...

  2. I don't get it. Why does Megaman look like that? Why can't Rockman just be the only design?

  3. Seems more like these "characters" are nothing more than skins. They don't even change when you use a different weapon. :/

    It's like IPS sprite hacks for GBA games like EXE6 and Zero 3, only more boring.

  4. Am I the only one who's actually kind of SCARED by this game. It terrifies the bejezis out of me.

  5. I know I'm supposed to be excited and all but seriously, did anyone ask for this game at all? Did anyone really want to play as the ugly yellow Mega Man? I can't for the life of me understand what the appeal of this game is supposed to be. I think this might be a case of Keiji Inafune gravely misunderstanding his non-japanese fans.

  6. This is supposed to be a homage to the late 80s and early 90s, the Megaman design is supposed to be a reference to the Ruby Spears cartoon, while Rockman is the Megaman we all know and love, Bad box art Megaman is the Megaman from the infamous US box art of Megaman 1

    Also, will you people stop complaining about this game, I think it's cool!

  7. That "Mega Man" design is both ugly and unecessary, and sort of looks like a papercraft doll. I don't see why it's there when there's the perfectly good "Rockman" design right next to it.

    Still, what I've seen of the game so far only puts me off. It looks like a glorified fanmade game so far. Meh.

  8. this seems so disappointing ive lost als interest maybe when it comes out and i see a few videos on youtube with gameplay i might have interest again. T.T

  9. @Masterge77:

    Somehow I would think that, if the "Mega Man" design were meant to be a homage to the Ruby Spears iteration, it might look anything like that iteration. But it does not.

  10. I think the went the wrong way for the look of Rockman and megaman.

    There should be the rockman that we are used to (8 bit option of with or without helmet)

    There should be the powered up rockman (why not??)

    There should be the ugly box art megaman (tres cool)

    There should be the rockman from the japanese boxart (who's already in the game, looks pretty cool)

    There should be the Rockman 7 and Rockman 8 Rockman's

    The new rockman that they have in the game looks too weird and I would never use him to play the game through.

    Also why not have the option to play as Rush (he never gets any love !!!!

  11. I really don't get what people are complaining about. Everyone is allowed to have their opinion; but I'm getting a little tired of seeing the same ridiculous comments over and over again.

    It's a unique style, and much like many games before it (not just in the Mega Man series), people are going to be drawn away from it just because it looks different. I, personally, like the look of this game.

    Though we've seen slight glimpses of gameplay. I think it is too early to make any definitive decisions on whether it's a good or a bad game. Who agrees?

  12. Boy, there sure is a lot of hate for this game. I, for one, don't quite understand it. The art style is a bit unconventional, sure, but it's still a Rockman game. A Rockman game that's a spiritual successor to Rockman Rockman, I might add! Now, I know not everyone enjoyed the super-deformed PSP remake of the first game, but I know a lot of people did. And even if you didn't, like I said, it still plays like a Rockman game, even if Rock himself has three different skins. (And come on... You people know it's a pure novelty value that you can play as "Bad Box Art Mega Man" and no other reason!)

    As for all the "OMG MM2 REMAKE LAZY CAPCOM" jabber, what the hell people? I thought Rockman 2 was a good game? Why would you possibly be mad that this same seems to emulate that? Or if it's something as simple as "the last two Mega Man games were Mega Man 2 with a fresh coat of paint", well...clearly you haven't played the series as extensively as you think. Since Rockman 2, or hell! Since the first, the series has been a tried-and-true formula of "kick some robot ass, get special weapons, go fight Wily". Sure, they've added this or that here and there... Rush, the charged shot, levels that scroll vertically (or on rare occasion, in all eight directions!)... But ultimately, it's just been one big cluster of "shoot everything in sight" action platformers. This game doesn't seem to change that, and I, for one, welcome it! (It actually seems a lot like Mega Man Vs. Metroid/Ghosts 'n Goblins or Super Mario Bros. Crossover, in the respect of the guest characters, actually.)

    Besides... I thought Rockman fans never tired of the same thing over and over again? X3

  13. God, this new “American” version of Mega Man is hideous, with all of its anger and edginess that Americans apparently so crave. And I AM an American. I really hope that Capcom doesn’t think that this is the kind of Mega Man we want and that we want him differentiated from Rockman after all this time. Ugh ugh ugh.

    Reminds me of how the marketing folks at Nintendo decided to make Kirby angry on several of his American box arts, while he remains happy/clueless on the Japanese counterparts. I hate our gamer culture.

  14. The boxart Mega Man used to creep me out. Now he scares me now that he's got those lips...

  15. @Ash: It's probably more of a parody of our gamer culture than anything. Try not to take it so seriously.

  16. Those screens and pieces of artwork didn't change my opinion on this game in even the slightest. I'm still thoroughly convinced that this game is going to be garbage. It's just nothing more than another mediocre Mega Man 2 fanservice title.

  17. Alright, someone do me a favor and reply to this question with @ANONYMOUS in all caps so I don't have to wade through these repetitive and tiring comments to find an answer.

    Where is the design for the second-from-left Rockman from?

  18. I agree with Joseph Collins. I think people are too quick to finalize their opinions on the game. I mean, seriously, it's only gameplay footage, guys (and hardly any of it, I might add). I'm sick of seeing all of these complaints about the game when people have never even tried it themselves. Not that you can, anyway, but that's beside the point.

    Like many have said before me, this is the reason Capcom is so reluctant to try something new with the franchise. It seems as if fans are always begging for some innovation, but when it actually comes around, they apply their war paint and start wailing about how much said game sucks for being different. What hypocrisy.

    I, for one, staunchly endorse that one should play the game first and see for himself before forming a valid opinion of it. It's amazing how fans can get so worked up from what little was presented. You act like spoiled children. How about some appreciation for the company that goes to these lengths and takes these risks to please you guys?

  19. *looks at this Megaman Universe trailer and thinks how I feel about it*

    ...No comment...

  20. "Mega-Man: Shattered Dimensions"
    With Dynamo Man and Magic Man as main villains!


    Only noobs think that's not true. If you do, GTFO and stop ruining our reputation.

    FF7 is overrated. Does that makes it a bad game? Hell no.

    OoT is overrated. Does that makes it a bad game? Not really.

    SMB3 is actually overrated, but it's still a great game and that's the consensus.

    MM2 is overrated. Well guess what: It's a good game.

    The sooner we understand that, the more sooner these trolls that wish this fanbase was more like the Sonic fanbase will leave.


  22. A "Mega man" game where I'll just use Ryu...

    Just kidding! I like how this game looks, I hope Blues get's playable... Yes, BLUES not PROTO MAN. It would be even cooler if we got some Rockman Megamix desings too...

    But that would be just too much. :P

  23. @MusashiAA:

    Like I said before, Mega Man 2, while overrated, isn't that great of a game to begin with. I tried putting my bias aside and played Mega Man 2 again last month, when I began playing through all of the games that were contained in Anniversary Collection. Its terrible level designs just threw me off completely. I was this close to skipping that game, and playing Mega Man 3 and onward instead.

    I'll never understand how or why Mega Man 2 gets all the hype that it does. Sure, it may have added E-Tanks, two extra Robot Masters, and a teleportation room for the bosses at Dr. Wily's castle, but so what? That doesn't mean a thing if you have to put up with a bunch of terrible, piss-poor level designs to progress through the game.

  24. Maybe Mega Man's appearance was based on MM3's cover or Jazwares' JUVIs?

    Would be good to play as other Mega Men too, like the MM2 (the silver one), MM9 and MM10 covers, Ruby-Spears Mega Man, Captain N Mega Man, Megamix Mega Man, ...

  25. Cutman is in the back behind Arthur and Heatman.

  26. Most of you people don't even deserve to play a Mega Man game. I'm sorry if this sounds harsh and maybe even a little elitist, but I'm almost ashamed to be associated with a fandom that's so quick to judge something just because it's so different from what you want. This mentality you all seem to have is the reason why Mega Man Legends couldn't last very long. Sure, you're all clamoring for a Legends 3 now, but I bet that back in 97-98, you all gave the first Legends game the same reaction you're giving this game. Heck, I KNOW you all did the same thing with the first Powered Up game, yet now you're all wanting an MMPU2. You guys won't quit until the entire franchise just up and dies... which could potentially happen, as it's already gone to mostly just downloadable games rather than retail ones.

  27. You can see Cutman behind Heatman and Arthur, and between Megaman and BBAM (Bad Boxart Megaman), you can partly see Airman (I can beat Airman of course)

    I also noticed what could be Quickman and Woodman, Quickman is above Rockman, Woodman is above Ryu
    And right next to Cutman is what could be Gutsman.....

  28. "Most of you people don't even deserve to play a Mega Man game. I'm sorry if this sounds harsh and maybe even a little elitist, but I'm almost ashamed to be associated with a fandom that's so quick to judge something just because it's so different from what you want."

    High horse alert!

    Ergo, comment not regarded.

  29. You know what's worse? People who won't let people not like a game.

    It's called taste!

    I'd much rather hear these haters than the constant drabble of "You horrible fans, you don't deserve this or that, your tastes are irrelevant."

  30. @Clown Prince of Crime:

    Most of us don't deserve to play a Mega Man game? Oh, yeah. Sure. God forbid someone different opinion than your own.

    Also, I didn't have any complaints whatsoever about the games you mentioned when they were first announced. Let's start with Mega Man Legends. The game came out around 1997, you said? I wasn't even into the Mega Man series at the time. It wasn't until late 2000 (or 2001) that began to take interest in the series, starting with Mega Man X5. The first game in the Classic series that I played was Mega Man 7 (followed by Mega Man & Bass) in 2002. As for Mega Man Legends/64, I played it on an emulator the very next year, and I didn't think much of it. While I wasn't exactly a huge fan of it, I didn't contribute to its downfall in any way, shape, or form.

    As for Mega Man: Powered Up, I didn't have any complaints about that whatsoever. When I first saw the trailer for that game, I was BEYOND excited for it. I couldn't wait to get my hands on a copy. In fact, when my PSP was stolen three years ago, I spent over a hundred dollars for another one just to play Powered Up again (along with a few other games, of course, including Maverick Hunter X).

    So, yeah, back to what I was saying before, I have the right to think Mega Man Universe is garbage if I want to. I personally don't see how anyone could even find that piece of crap even remotely appealing. In addition to a horrid graphical style (as many other people have pointed out), it's nothing more than a mediocre fanservice title that's meant to cater to Mega Man 2 fanboys. In fact, some of the recent artwork has pretty much confirmed this.

  31. Absolutely horrible art style direction. Not a fan in the slightest. Looks like some sub-par cartoon you'd find on Nick or CN. 'Nuff said.

  32. The one to the right of Mega Man looks a bit like Toad Man (even has the eyes on his head) but instead has webbed feet.

    The one on the far left with the squarish jaw has a downwards facing triangle above his eyes like Stone Man, also he's in the back but we can still see his head so he's pretty tall, again like Stone Man.

    Just food for thought I'm probably wrong.

  33. @Anonymous #13

    Tastes are irrelevant when you like a certain type of gameplay and hate it at the same time for an incredibly stupid reason like "its ugly it suxx". It's confusing, inmature and pointless.

    It's confusing enough to make the game company do the same move over and over again, hoping it's fans will stick with them. It's as inmature as a 10-year old whiner. And it's pointless because it offers no significant piece of advice on how to improve the fanbase's reputation.

    Hey guys, look: the n00b is trying to moralize the whining by victimizing himself.

    "I'd much rather hear these haters than the constant drabble of "You horrible fans, you don't deserve this or that, your tastes are irrelevant".

    Because you can't face the horrible truth. And because you probably can't make a concrete argument and be able to accept defeat when you're wrong. And to move on.

    Grow some balls, dude.

    SO, PLAYABLE ROBOT MASTERS. Finally, Capcom's doing it. I love that :D.

    Obviously, all the Mega Men can use RM weapons too, but they have limited ammo. So there's a potential difference between the Mega Men: the set of weapons they can use and probably differences in weapon energy consumption.

  34. Maybe all of them will be playable?

  35. Is that Exe at the top left of Arthur?

  36. @ September 4, 2010 12:28 AM Anon:

    Could be, but it's kinda hard to tell. On that note, Forte is clearly visible to his immediate left.

    Always like Capcom to make us guess all the time, eh? Admittedly, this guessing is quite enjoyable when it relates to characters.

  37. Quick follow-up: No wait, that's not Forte, that's Quick Man. >_>

    Note to self - LOOK UP.

  38. i don't quite understand why peeps hates this game. i thought MMU is about where you can create your own megaman character and play it in the game? say i want Rock. not rockman or megaman but the original-human looking-Rock. with the bad box art megaman gun as his weapon. or Rockman but with Cutman's arm. i think that would be cool! and the possibilities is limitless. which is why i believe Inafune decided to add Ryu to the mix.

    graphics sucks. big deal. some complained about MM9/MM10's graphics sucks because of the 8-bit. but let me ask you this. Did you or did you not play MM9/MM10? did you like it? is it a great game? HELL YEAH it's a great game. the same can be said about this one.

  39. @Anonymous #17:

    It's not about the graphics. I'm a firm believer in the saying the "graphics don't make a game". My main gripe is the fact that it seems to be little more than another Mega Man 2 rehash.

  40. Flash Man is to the left of Ryu.

  41. I hope they have the voice actors from Megaman: Powered Up, those guys were awesome!

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  43. Why all the hate? Megaman fans can be really self defeating at times, Capcom tries so hard to cater to you and all you can do is cross your arms and protest for almost seemingly no reason! This is why Capcom is so reluctant to try anything with Megaman at all, because they know the moment they do there will be a swarm of people that just brings on the hate for no justifiable reason at all! If the stages feel too "MM2" to you then you can make your own!

    If you don't like the "Megaman" design then stop whining and just play as "Rockman"! I could understand people being upset if that "megaman" design was the only Megaman they had in the game, but you can just as easily play as "Rockman"! So what's the big deal?! I really don't understand the big deal with that, the "Megaman" design is essentially the embodiment of how Megaman is perceived in the western world and how he would appear in a western animation. MegaMac referred to this as a "sub-par cartoon you'd find on Nick or CN", Well if Dexter's Laboratory, Power Puff Girls, Samurai Jack, Batman The Animated Series, StarWars:The Clone Wars,Doug and Rocko's Modern Life are "sub-par" cartoons to you then you are either A. a crabby old person who is to old to appreciate these cartoons, or B. a purist Otaku who feels that the only up to "par" cartoons have big eyes, small mouths, and are sent in from over seas- which is totally fine, because you can still just play as ROCKMAN. "Megaman" is the Americanized name this character was given to begin with. Being able to play this character as Rockman should be a relief to purists, if anything.

    It's because of these ultimately self destructive "fans" that the rest of us have to pay $20 to unlock the full games of MM9&10 rather then make all that DLC stuff unlockable through gameplay alone, because Capcom knows just how much these "fans" can hate and they need to make their money back for making and marketing the game to begin with. While these "fans" cross their arms and cry more for their "perfect" Megaman game to come out they fail to understand that if you do not support ANY of these games Capcom will not be able (or even want to risk spending money on) making any of these Megaman games you want so bad. This is how the entertainment industry works people! Why did it take 10 years to roll out with Megaman Legends 3? Because sales
    for 1&2 sucked! DUH!

    Support Megaman!

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