Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Look At Mega Man Universe

PAX hasn't even official started yet and we already have ourselves some gameplay footage of Mega Man Universe. Is it everything you imagined? Find out in the video below:

...and that's not all! Atfer the jump, two additional gameplay videos for your viewing pleasure, each showcasing a couple more playable characters. Hit the READ MORE to check them out!

So, we've got four confirmed playable characters: "Mega Man", "Bad Box Art Mega Man", "Rockman" (who differs in appearance from MM as being a tad more chubby/squat) and last but not least, Street Fighter's Ryu. More to come, I presume.

Interesting visual style, wouldn't you say? 2.5D is always a plus in my book but I'm not so sure what to think about the style just yet. Hopefully, more media and info as soon as PAX kicks off.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


  1. Ugh. Another game that seems to be little more than Mega Man 2 fanservice. I should have seen this coming. -__-;;

  2. *apathy face* Oh boy, another 2.5D classic Megaman.

  3. So far, I'm basically seeing standard Mega Man gameplay. Not that it's a bad thing or anything, but it doesn't quite answer my (as well as other people's) questions as to what makes this different from other Mega Man games (other than, y'know, Ryu).

  4. I'd rather have a new MMPU...

  5. I think I'm a little more confused now than I was before about what the game was... it seems like a remade RockMan 2 with some different level designs but if they wanted to do that they should have just done a RockMan RockMan 2... Ohhh well. There must be some trump card still hiding.

  6. Wow... do not want. In the least. Could they have ugly-fied Mega Man and his world any more? This is pretty much what I expected after that first trailer, but still, I can't help but be disappointed...

    Definitely looks to be more a "Capcom Universe with a Mega Man flavor" kind of thing. It doesn't really feel like Mega Man is the focus, and obviously this will have no canonical value.

    And they STILL draw from Mega Man 2 as the primary inspiration... ugh. Enough already with MM 2. It's so overrated...

  7. Looks good, don't really like the jumping animation from what I saw, but at least it's not another 8-bit rehash

  8. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels a little "meh" about this. I dunno if it's the graphics (claymation look) or the mingling of outside characters or that it's basically another classic rehash or that the game has no tie-ins with the actual canon....this game really just doesn't appeal to me from what I've seen so far. And granted we've not seen too much, but if that's gameplay footage, it says a lot about the whole game.

  9. Wah wah wah it's not X or Legends baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw.

  10. Allow me to be one of the firsts then to say that I am enjoying how this game looks so far, and the potential for tons of playable characters, perhaps even your own X-Box avatars? It's an interesting mix of NES style and Powered Up style. I want to get my hands on it just for the chance at a Bad Box Art Mega Man run through! I also think it's clever they made regular Mega Man look so grumpy, since he always looks angry in the American Box art. I can tell they put some thought into this.

  11. It's a glorified Mega Man Powered Up Construction Mode.

    Yeah, thanks, Capcom. Can the effort go into at least MMPU2? Better yet, something EVERYONE actual wants? You know, X9 and Legends 3?

  12. Do not want...because i PREFER a REAL Powered up 2 and not Ryu or Arthur...... -___-

  13. @Rage man: You think more people want Legends 3 than this? Doesn't seem like a given to me.

  14. I don't like the crossover aspect. That's nasty.

  15. ...Someone remind me why this isn't on wiiware?

  16. So you're complaining it's too much like Mega Man 2 and not Powered Up 2 which would have been a remake of Mega Man 2?


  17. Vraiment déçu, c'est un pauvre mode création de powered en avec un Mega Man plus moche encore.

  18. Looks like a bad fangame. :\ Sorry, Inafune-sama!

  19. Look at all the little kids whining about the fact MM2 is one of the most popular games in the series, for a good reason :P It's not overeated if it's a good as peole say it is~~~

    Maybe they're just opset that thier favortie game in the sreis isn't liked more. Sillies:P

  20. "Mega Man 2 is overrated" -- wow, it's finally come to the point where people hate MM2, just because it's loved. I feel like a milestone has been reached! Let us all celebrate.

  21. @Anonymous #12:

    Oh, but that's the thing: Mega Man 2 is NOT as good as people claim it is. Like I said before, aside from having a broken weakness cycle, where nearly EVERY boss is weak against the same weapon, it has some of the worst level designs in series, in addition to shoddy object placement. I'll NEVER understand why so many people continue to treat that game like the Second Coming of Jesus, acting like the other games in the series don't matter, or shouldn't even exist. This is one of the many reasons why the fanbase's "Mega Man 2 is the greatest game ever" mentality really sickens me.

  22. Dunno how big this game will be. Seems like there will be more to come.

    In my case: It's already bought.

  23. Sweet mega man powerd up 2 with other capcom characters on a system that's not dead *aka psp*

    Great idea.

    I love people bitching it's not called powerd up , get a fuck'n life guys.

  24. The video was fairly entertaining and exciting with some new looking stages, but I do not enjoy MegaMan's look, and I certainly don't like the "play as" feature. Who the fuck else do I want to play as in a MegaMan MegaMan game aside MegaMan characters? Overrated Ryu? Certainly not. To go along with the character models, I also dislike the return to classic sprite looks. Seems they will NEVER evolve classic MegaMan beyond MegaMan 8. Maybe when we are all elderly, but it looks like they are in financial comfort zone. Furthermore "You're World, Megafied!" sounds like a world full of MegaMan stuff! Not a world where Street Fighters, Darkstalkers, or Ghosts 'n Goblins exist. >_<

    Some may say I am picky, but how can you blame me and the many others who are the same? We aren't really getting anything fresh or attractive here. At least, not to the core MM community. No advancing in storyline, no significant plots (or so it would seem). Seems Korea is doing more of a job on that with Rockman Online.XD

  25. Thats it? Thats all we we've been waiting for to see? LAME... It'd be better to have a X9, Megaman Legends 3, or Megaman ZX Advent 3, you know things that we've been following things that left us wondering, and not just another remake. I'm very disappointed. I won't be buying that for sure. You know what Keiji Inafune, it would be much better of a game showing and explaining the 100 years that X fought by himself while Zero slept. The cyber elf wars. Now that would be a much better game than this universe crap!

  26. Interesting but I think I prefer MMPU 2 and MMXH 2 and Megaman Legends 3. Thats all I care but I dont mind to play it exclude Ryu.

  27. I don't understand why you guys are complaining that Mega Man Universe is more ike MMPU 2. I prefer this then Powered Up.

  28. Hmmmmm.. It's okay. Their lower bodies look weird leaning that much forward during jumps though.

  29. ....Someone remind me why we're getting this and not X9, Elf Wars, ZX3, or Legends 3?

    Someone? Anyone? I mean, it looks like just another classic game, and those of us who aren't really big fans of classic COULDN'T CARE LESS.

    So you play as US Megaman, Box Art Megaman, and JP Rockman, and as some stupid karate guy from another franchise. This make it appeal HOW exactly?

    There's a reason the franchise evolved past classic. Heck, I'd prefer a new Starforce game to this and RMO.

  30. I'm sorry, but... It looks really really bad. MegaMan looks very ugly in this "3D" form, and it just doesn't fit in with the over all look and feel of the world he's shown in. I guess It's supposed to be like a 2D world meets 3D world? Not a fan.

  31. that's what happened when when you don't listen to the fans...

    poor capcom....

    who care about ryu anyway ? give us Megaman Legends 3.....

  32. I don't think I'll ever be able to run to a game shop and buy a new Megaman game that isn't handheld ever again, at this point.

  33. @Role:

    I'm a HUGE fan of the Classic Mega Man series, and even I couldn't care less. Any amount of enthusiasm I might've had for this game over the past month of so (which was very little to begin with, since the teaser told us next to nothing about the game) has officially flown out the window. This piece of crap could bomb for all I care.

  34. Why is Mega Man so tall and lanky?

  35. Any one else getting tired of Capcom using the nostalgia factor on Mega Man? I mean, come on, not everyone of us grew up in the eighties, early nineties.

  36. Welp, looks awful. To top it off it looks like this is the partially the "remake" game we get of MegaMan 2 instead of a new MegaMan Powered Up. Horrible, at every angle.

  37. Everyone's complaining like crazy and saying they hate this because it's not what they wanted. It's like when Mega Man Legends first came out all over again.

  38. Ugh. No. Why does MegaMan look so fugly?

  39. I wanted a MegaMan Powered Up 2, not some shitty version American version of MegaMan Capcom coughed up.

  40. So....where's the 16 bit Megaman X9 I wanted?

  41. two observations:
    in the first video, mega man seems to be shooting quick boomerangs, but he's still blue.
    ugly box-art mega man gets a 1up from nearly every enemy he kills. feature or coincidence?

  42. truly disapointed...the whole stuff is so cheap.the game seems entirely based on megaman 2 (and personally i really don't understand that "megaman 2 is the best" community).In last Megaman titles (9,10)all the innovations from megaman 3 to 8 are lost(slide,charge,forms...) and the gameplay turned back to basics as a result. the classic Megaman series is falling down since Megaman 8, it's like it will never be a better shot. Was megaman 8 that much expensive to develop? Capcom must be some way scared of the cost of a Megaman episode that could be as successful as Megaman 8 or most(I mean 2D HD for next-gen release).It could be at less 3D cel shading

  43. So much hate lol.
    I actually think this is going to be something among the lines of Little Big Planet. Basically everyone can create megaman stages and add custom graphics enemies etc.

  44. Looks exactly like a fangame. Sorry Inafune, but you got me sooo turned off for this game.

  45. - I suppose this is the "next-gen" graphics that should have been included in MM9 and 10, that a certain group of fans was complaining. Is this better than retro-graphics? Huh? ;)

    - Anyway, yes, a big MEH! -_-;;

  46. Also, if you don't like the way that Mega Man looks... well, you may want to take a look at this slightly different trailer:

  47. Another thing I noticed is how even though there is bits of dislike for this game here and there in other places, this is the only place where people are going all "THIS SUXX" in masses. :P

  48. Looking good so far :)

  49. I'm going to hold off my judgment until I see more or actually play it. However, these initial trailers actually made me less hyped, which is quite rare.

    And Inafune cheering "Your world. Megafied," made me cringe. -_-

  50. Why is it that multiple people aren't allowed to express dislike without people commenting on it?

    Too throwback for me. I want my reinvention! Give me a Megaman game like Shadow Complex! Or Halo! Or Gears of War! Or Mario Galaxy!

  51. The original Mega Man franchise is easily my favorite of all time. But...what IS this? The game, as it's been said over and over in other comments, is hideous. It's very, very ugly. I just don't think the original Mega Man is cut out for 3D. I was never really a fan of Powered Up, either.

    I honestly thought this could play off as a half-assed fan game throughout the trailer. It really does look hideous.

  52. @TAG

    Yeah, I was looking at the comment sections of some other gaming blogs and people are actually loving this trailer. I don't understand. This is the only place I found that is expressing a general dislike for it. Why is that?

  53. Well, after actually viewing the second trailer (it was down for a while, for me anyway), I can safely say that the "Rockman" model looks better and I feel they should have took that direction from the get go with MM9 and MM10. Looks and feels like classic with a new spin. Just like New Super Mario Bros and Sonic 4. But nooooo. =P

  54. They give the koreans that awsome(I presume) Rockman Online with a megaman trailer whos only equal is the ones in maverik huter x and give us this load of disapoitment?!
    sure i could be fun im ot arguing that, but megaman is more now we want that itle extra deph, not goofy looking characters to play as in slightly better looking sprite background. Why cant they do with the original series like they did with huter x?! that was defenetly the right way to go. the started on that road with mm7 but many complained becouse the action turned out slow. now everything is goofyfied. that rockman online trailer gave me hope becouse it made megaman seem like a serious game again serious. they screwd things up when they started to make sure megaman couldent even take on the care bears or my litle ponies!

  55. The game looks fun, besides powered up 2 will just be a remake of a game called Megaman ... and just cuz of the nemeies are from, megaman 2 doesn't mean anything... there will probably be more like other enemies, bosses, characters (robot masters?)

    plus if it's on 360 and ps3... DLC!!!

  56. @TAG

    That makes sense those other places aren't dedicated to Mega Man, where as here you've got all the disgruntled X, Legends, ZX and Star Force fans with their panties in a bunch at Capcom not continuing those less popular, and by extension less financially viable series.

  57. Wow, now this is a shock.

    Did I just seriously see comments of people saying they'd rather have a new Star Force/SSR than this?

    *BAM!* More proof that I KNEW this was going to happen!

    See? Now that the elitists see that even their "God", the 2D Megaman games that basically leech off MM2's popularity, are looking like shit, they NOW want "something different" like SSR.
    Proof of how fucking fickle you people are.

    Stop complaining, you're getting what you deserve.

    As for me? I'm just gonna kick back and watch as more information appears. Personally, I'm hoping you can play as the other Megamen in this game. (X, Volnutt, Vent/Aile, Subaru, EXE, etc.) That would be really cool.

    Also, "Rockman" reminds me of MM7-style, which was my 2nd favorite of the Classics. (First favorite being RM&F for SFC)

  58. This is like those Jazwares figures, a bunch of crap! Give us a game where it explains the 100 years that X fought on his own while Zero slept. The Elf Wars. Now that would be a much BETTER game than this s@#%. Or at least follow up on those games that left us wondering. Not just another remake of the classic, which by the way is just killing it. And Keiji Inafune saying "Your world. Megafied," its more like "Your world, Crapified!".

  59. If I:

    1. Can play as Volnutt;
    2. Can create my own stages;
    3. Don't have to pay much for it;

    I'm going to be satisfied.

    Maybe it does have some true advancements, we've barely seen any gameplay. But then again, that oft- requested game is what I've been truly excited about lately, and these videos didn't change that.

  60. Your world, Megafied!

    Looks like we finally have a legitimate successor to Rockman Rockman! I say partly because of all the Rockman 2 material and party because that's what it looks like to me overall. I'm even more excited now than I was before!

  61. One more thing: people don't have to like something. If you do like it, why bother over other people's opinions?

  62. This game seems to be basically the same as paying someone ten bucks to download Mega Man 2 for you. I mean...come on, Capcom. Mega Man can work in 3D - if Metroid can do it, why can't you?

  63. I quite like the concept, but holy crap, what terrible art style.

  64. Oh well, so we didn't get what we wanted again... No X9, No Legends 3, No Zx Sequel, etc. Whatever... It happens... If the game is a complete bomb maybe Capcom will get the idea and give us what we actually want. Personally I don't care either way. I've waited a long time for legends 3, and I can wait longer if I have to. In the meantime. Oh hey Megaman Universe... Looks kinda iffy, but hey I'll give it a shot when it comes out.

  65. @Saito: I don't think it's so much that as people were simply expecting more. This more or less looks like standard Mega Man gameplay, but with some other characters thrown in.

  66. The game looks fairly basic so far. It's not awful from what I can tell, but it doesn't look great either.

    Then again our expectations rarely live up to the reality.

    I was personally hoping for a game that crossed over the various games, and even allowed you to battle other megamen. More importantly though I had hoped that they would take gameplay mechanisms from each game and allow them to be aplicable. Except for maybe Legends because that one requires the most space and difficulty in making.

    I mean you could have all the game play aspects of Megaman Classic. Add the scaling of X as an option. Add the weapon switching and elf usage from Zero. Add the different usable forms of ZX and even possibly the gameplay elements from Megaman Network Transmission.

  67. It's official:

    The MM Community has become just as bad as the Sonic community.

    Christ you people are embarrassing.

  68. Megaman looks pretty disgusting in the first video, but the last one made me feel a little better. I will say, however, that I think the Megaman Powered up style is Gross. I am sort hoping that this game might involve 8-bit, 16-bit, and other graphical styles. If it's JUST Powered Up then I'm gonna have trouble connecting with this game. The presentation is just off-putting. I do like that level editing seems to play a big part. I was hoping for that. And multi-player. that would be a plus.

    Also, the general level of hostility here is pretty upsetting. Lets try to be mature guys.

  69. It's not as bad as I first feared, to be honest. I actually quite like MegaMan's look in this game, and the 2.5D backround is a nice change from sprites. To me, it's a nice blend of the old and the new. The hinted promise of more characters to play as keeps me interested.
    But! They ruined it with Ryu and Arthur and all those other Not-MegaMen. But, to be fair, that's like the whole stink that was raised about MM10's "Easy Mode." Don't like it? Don't use it. I don't want to play as Ryu or other Capcom characters, so, I probably won't. :p
    On another note, I'm shocked at how much hate this game is getting. "It's not Legends 3!" or, "Just another rehash!" or some complaint. Looking at the amount of hate posted here, it's no wonder Capcom hasn't tried to do something different with the MegaMan series.
    Likewise, I too sit back and wait and watch. But for now, this game has me interested.

  70. Wow i would prefer megaman 11 in 8-bit over this.

    I can change my mind if Bass or protoman are playable in this game heck even roll.

    nobody cares about ryu!

  71. So... yeah.

    I have to agree with Protodude. 2.5D MM platformers are always a good thing on my book too...

    AND THEN, THE MEGA MAN 2 FANSERVICE BUTTFUCK CAME ALONG. That rant is pretty well know by now.

    But let's put that issue aside. This game looks rather fugly (thus, I'd like to propose you all to name BadBoxArt Mega Man "Fugly Man"), but I don't really think that's what REALLY matters. What I saw there was definitely not a bad game.

    The gameplay seems solid, the obvious "Construction Mode is back" hint implies a nice replay value, adding other playable characters, whom I believe will play different than the standard Mega Man gameplay, is a nice addendum...

    Yeah, I know the MM2 buttfuck was inminent, but hell... can't you give THIS game a chance? Is this game MM2? It isn't, it's a new game with fresh ideas that is making a little bit too much references to (technically) the most successfull Mega Man game. So yeah, MM2 is overrated... does that make every single game that mimicks it automatically bad? MM9 wasn't bad. MM10 wasn't bad.

    I came to the point of giving up on Capcom about killing MM2 and letting it rest in peace. Believe me: it's not worth the rage. That will not happen. ALL game companies act like that. I just decided to treat and judge each new classic MM game that comes out "as if MM2 never existed and the whole MM2 buttfuck is just nothing but references". Just ignore it, don't hate it. Hating is another way of paying too much attention to something.

    We can't sum up the whole MM gaming experience into just one game and judge all new MM games based on that single game and everything surrounding it.

  72. It is probably a level editor game where you can create your own level and play as your favorite megamen.
    As long as i can play as Bass i am happy.

  73. You know, after looking at all of the rage over here, at TMMN, and over at NeoGAF, I just realized something.

    Classic fans who played Classic games back in the 80's, or were first introduced into the Rockman fandom through the Classic games. What made you like the series and respect it in the first place?

    Was it the gameplay? Gut-bustingly hard difficulty? Good music? The fact that it looked visually good even when it was first released?

    Now I sit here and wonder, some Classic fans want the series to remain relatively the same, mostly in the graphics department. But isn't that robbing the Classic series of the respect it once had?

    The thing I realized is that, back in the past, the Classic series gained respect due to all of the things that I mentioned above. But now, it seems that the only respect the Classic series has left lies in remaining 8-bit and the constant mentions of newer games' similarity to MM2. This is incredibly ironic, in the sense that those that accuse anyone of preferring any other graphics style as 'graphics whores' are really the people who care about the graphics the most.

    Sure, MM9 and 10 had other redeeming qualities in terms of music and gameplay as well. But those qualities are constantly drowned out by the graphics arguments and their similarities to MM2.

    Yeah, not entirely related to MMU at all, but again, I just thought about this and figured I should share.

    On a side note, I see a lot more people hating on MM2 rather than praising it lately. With the hate starting before the praise.

    And people wonder why everyone treats it as such a big deal. This is coming from someone who also considers it overrated.

  74. I tink Megaman get stale, so I make Pawaad Uppu.

    You hate Megaman Pawaad Uppu and tink it fo babies, so I forrow Amelikan style-u and make Megaman Unibarse.

    Ooooo but noooo now you hate Megaman Unibarse. YOU ROVU PAWAAD UPPU NOW.


  75. I think the biggest problem is this game was being hyped up quite a bit, we don't know much about it, and what little we do know isn't that impressive. And since we have to scrounge for quality releases as it is, to get something (based on what we've seen thus far) like this, it's a little dissappointing. But like many others have said, we really just need to wait and see. But man, from a strategic standpoint I would've made some different choices in the "world premier" trailer.....

  76. Everyone, Its going to be a good game, Trailers do the real thing not much justice at most of the times.

  77. When kenji first appeared on the screen, I was expecting him to be like "we fooled you, i'd like to welcome you to the game i've wanted to make for so long." Unfortunately, all it turned out to be is some quick cash in, and not the game that most of us wanted, and keep on asking for.

  78. My main problem with this game is that instead of making it a 3D character in a 3D environment with 2D gameplay, they made it a 3D character on a flat background.
    It just looks weird.
    Plus, the characters animate awkwardly. Especially Megaman. Ugh.
    How do they think this is acceptable? This doesn't look like a polished game at all.

  79. Your freindly, neighborhood Metool, megafied!September 2, 2010 at 11:51 PM

    So, it looks like a newer MegaMan title (That still is 2D for some reason, no 2.5D, 3D or anything else for you.) but you can play as different MegaMan versions. Do they play differently? Doesn't look like it.
    If we're lobbying for Characters, I say Ruby-Spears or bust.

    (Plus we get crossovers? Is ryu going to fire his hadokens like Mega Buster shots? Will RE Characters be involved? DS? FF? DMC? VJ? PS? Other acronyms?)

    To the commenter that compared the MM fanbase to Sonics, I have to ask (As I'm seriously out of the loop on these things,) Does the MM fanbase make as much fan characters or create many fanfics as the sonic fans?

  80. Your Ranting, Neighborhood Metool, Megafied!September 3, 2010 at 12:16 AM

    Sorry for a 2nd post, but i had to throw my 2 cents in about the complaints.

    The reason why the fans are hating this, I think, is because it offers nothing new, Gameplay-wise.

    Think about it. First you had Classic and X, which were basically the same game style, but with various gameplay/asthetical tweeks. And after 15+ games with similar playstyles, it got old.

    Then came Legends. not only was it a asthetical boost, it brought MM into a new playstyle and dimention. It was different. And that's why people liked it.
    And after that came EXE and Zero. While one was a old gamestyle, but with a slight twist (Metroidvania style levels) and fanservicy elements (Harder difficulty, Link to X), the other was, yet again, another new Megaman playstyle, with RPG (Tactic, Monster-Battle)
    elements as the main course.

    Jump ahead to goodness knows when, when all the "New" things for Mega are Rehashes of old playstyles (ZX and StarForce (They are both good though, don't knock me about that)) and superficial throwbacks that don't advance anything. (A Classic sequal that TAKES AWAY moves and doesn't let you learn them again? If this was anything else other than a retro throwback, people would complain.

    The thing is, MegaMan fans want variety in there playstyles. Do you like platforming? Oh good! You can choose from Simple and Addicting, More Serious and Tougher, or Angsty and Maze-ish. Like RPG's? You've got ones that revolve around the Net or the stars. Like 3D games? We've got that as well. But sadly we don't have much of that at all anymore. We only have Original and sometimes RPG if you're lucky.

    The people seeing this trailer see it as just a continuation to the retro problem. They feel it doesn't advance the series. But instead of wanting new ideas, they seem to want old sequals. A MegaMan game akin to Zone of Enders (That PS2 game Kojima made)? Nope, fans want Legends 3. A More Puzzle platformer style MegaMan instead of a Run-And gun? Nope, They want X9. Something totally new and unexpected, like a minigame collection? Nope, they'd rather have EXE254792.9 (Note, I know there aren't that many games, I'm being facetious for comedic effect.)

    Sorry, just had to rant.

    tl;dr: MegaMan fans like variety, we're not getting them with MMU, But sadly we only want variety in old series, not new, even though the old series that were different were liked because of that difference and not hated because they weren't X.

  81. @Anon a couple posts above this
    I saw no one named Kenji appear in that video. Kenji is a common name and I am sure there are people named Kenji who work at Capcom, but not in that video.

  82. A Viewtiful Joe looking Megaman game would have been cool, kinda sad that the the game looks so "basic 3-D" but maybe there a different modes and graphic styles in the game. Anyway stories made for older megaman games don't need to be finished death to the past! If you want a new megaman game with the same game system with a new concept now that I can agree with. Anyway you want a real good remake of a megaman game play Scott Pilgrim vs the Universe. Capcom should instead make a new megaman game with a new megaman that would be a real suprise and would bring happiness to there fans.

  83. @person-that-said-megaman-used-quick-boomerang-and-was-blue: Rockman uses Metal Blade being blue too.. :o

  84. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! I've read all of your posts but man the Mega Man franchise has been dry lately and the fans are so amusing. If you dont like the game then dont buy or if you feel that the Mega Man franchise has fallen and has lost your interest, then give up on it like I did. Im leaning towards the NARUTO video game franchise, other than liking the anime and manga, the video games are making an amazing uprising and is actually worth the $40-$60. Well thats mainly because there is like over 5 comanies working on NARUTO games. Maybe if the Rockman franchise were being made by more than 1 company, like Inti makes the Zero-ZX-??? series, the main Capcom team with Keiji makes the Original-Legends, another Capcom team makes the X series, and some other company makes the EXE-SSR-??? series.

    Anyway we havent seen much gamplay footage lets wait for more then you can bash it some more. You know if I still money after Halo: Reach, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, Marvel VS Capcom 3, Samurai Showdown Sen, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Gears of War 3, Metal Gear Solid Rising, and Bullet Storm, I might buy this game.

  85. @ "Inafune" Anon:

    LOL. After reading the wall of comments, yours was the only one that stood out. Thanks for the smile, even though you were being slightly racist.

  86. People, stop complaining about this and comparing it to Rockman Online, it's driving me nuts when I hear "I hate the game!", "This game is crap!", or "Rockman Online is better!", get over it, this is what Capcom wants, SO GET OVER IT ALREADY!!!!!

  87. Funny that one of us anons should compare us to the Sonic community.

    Because the awful animation and style reminds me a lot of the disappointment that is Sonic 4.

  88. Am I the only one who doesn't think the whole ''Bad box art Megaman'' isn't funny AT ALL? =/

  89. Noooo Inafune Keiji, i won't buy this game :) HAHAHA!

    Except if there is some robotmasters but i can dream....

  90. @Saito

    How about you shut the hell up for once. Geez, you're still acting like a stupid Star Force fanboy which people are getting tired of.

    Also, don't get your hopes up for X, Vent and Aile and Geo to be playable in MMU, and for your information, MM2 isn't overated, I played it and even though it was hard, it was awesome so will this game.

  91. @ HeroManX: You know, this time, he's actually right.

    You can't seriously tell me with a straight face that he's incorrect while reading through all of the comments here.

  92. Holy crap but you people do like to complain. The only point I see that's even remotely close to valid is about bad box art. And even that will have people using him.

    You barely have any idea what the game will be like, you don't even know if that will be the complete extent of the weapons, art, etc will be.

    The MMX series is over. It had a definitive ending. MMZ had a definitive ending. MML bombed, why would they make a sequel? Back when it came out everybody hated it anyway. And I could have sworn that people hated the ZX games.

    To those saying that you want to see what happened to X after MMX8, some of us want to see what happened to Megaman before the events of MMX1. Neither of us are going to see it.

    "Funny that one of us anons should compare us to the Sonic community.

    Because the awful animation and style reminds me a lot of the disappointment that is Sonic 4."

    And just like the Sonic community you'll be seen as elitist pricks. Enjoy that.

  93. I think the key here is what makes games like RockMan 9 and RockMan 10 different from this. 9 and 10 were great successes and even though people were hesitant on the reuse of the 8-bit style in 10, most people were able to get past that. What is different about 9/10 and Universe that causes such a big difference in reception?

  94. Don't forget the Silver Mega Man from MM2, Sniper Mega Man from MM9 and Good Box Art Mega Man, Proto Man and Bass from MM10!

  95. Not Mega Man related, but seeing the comments made me feel like posting some of Cranky Kong's quotes from DKC:

    This stereo sound is making my tired old ears bleed! Turn it down before you go!

    I'd ask you in, but they didn't have any memory left to display the cabin interior!

    Back in my days, we used to have real game play...

    I bet they wasted half the memory already, just on this section alone!

    They can't keep this level of graphics up for much longer!

    We used to be lucky if we got three shades of gray, let alone any real colors!

    We used to have to survive with a two frame walk!

    Sometimes our sprites used to change size for no apparent reason!

    We never had any of this fancy 3-D stuff! Oh no, we had to survive on what we had!

    And what little we did have, we were happy with!

    That's right, 4 shades of gray, in a 2x2 character block, that's all we had...

    I can't play this game, the colors are all too rich for my poor old eyes!

    Why, even the bananas have more frames and colors than I had in the entire game!

    Look!...look at this! I rock, my beard swings! Waste of frames in my opinion!

    Aye! That was when we had real game play, that was!

    And this was developed with the latest state-of-the-art 3D work thingys, was it?

    The trouble with you kids, is that you're all too soft!

    The old games were far harder when I was a young 'un!

    We used to play for hours on a single screen game and think we were lucky, and we were!

    You wouldn't last two minutes in a real game!

    I could get through D.K.Country with only one life, easy!

    3 lives and 3 continues, that's all we had!

    Games never looked like this when I was a lad.

    Bet you thought this was 64-bit eh, boy?!

    I've got more game play in my little finger than you've got in this whole game!

    Y'know what they say, all graphics and no game play!

    32 meg..? That would be more than 30 games in my day, and they'd be great games, too!

    You wouldn't know a good game if you were in it!

    A single joystick, and a single button is all that's needed to make good game play!

    I say you can't better the graphics, sounds and playability of a Game & Watch!

  96. "elitist pricks"?

    Elitist pricks call people names for expressing an opinion. I didn't do that.

  97. *looks at Megaman Universe trailer and thinks about how I feel about it*

    ... No comment...

  98. I'll say this first: I'm intrigued. Honestly, I wish this was the graphics style used in MM9 and MM10. It still caters towards the old-school look that Capcom seems to going for these days, yet doesn't look like someone drew the graphics in MS Paint on their lunchbreak. Meaning, this looks like someone actually spent TIME on it.

    Also, as a fan of MM2, I can honestly say that I'm done with this whole 8-bit "revival". Yeah, I like MM2, but that doesn't mean that I want to play it AGAIN every single time I buy a NEW Mega Man game.

    Yet still, I reiterate that MMU intrigues me. I can already vow that this will be my last foray into Capcom's twisted complex of 8-bit redundancy. Again, the fact that they actually did more than an elaborate ROM hack this time arounds pleases me, but no more, Capcom. This is it. If the next series timeline game is 8-bit-styled (or even a shameless copy-pasta of MMU's engine), I will refuse to buy it on principal alone.

  99. @Atlaiaisa or whatever your name is

    Sorry about that... *Rubs head nervously*

    But Saito is nothing but a trouble making loser who thinks he owns this blog and can rant on it about some games that he hates and refused to beleive are good. He even ranted about how bad and overated Final Fantasy 7 is and did I even had to mentioned his continued rant on MegaMan Zero Collection. That game recieved good scores and yet, Saito (The biggest idiot/loser who doesn't have a life) Complained about it and how it's gonna fail which when MMZC was released, it actually got good scores but he's making jokes of MMZC and MM10 that I think almost everyone is getting tired of. Geez...

    I'm sorry, but that's what I think of Saito, a troublemaking idiot who thinks he's smart, thinks he can do everything on this blog by ranting about how bad some good games are and swear like a sailor...

    I bet you think Saito's a jackass and loser too. Sorry, but I had some bad experince with this guy... -_-!

    I just don't like it when he bad mouths games that me and some people like...

  100. @HeroManX:

    I'm curious. Are you, by any chance, the same person as Alantor?

  101. @HeroManX:

    Oh, okay. I just felt the urge to ask, since you said some of the exact same things that he said about Saito before.


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