Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tron Bonne Confirmed For Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Mega Man X is out, Miss Tron is in. The latest trailer for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 confirms the presence of the very first Mega Man series rep. and MvC2 veteran, Tron Bonne. Her big moment begins at the 1:45 point:

Credit: Capcom Unity


  1. FFFFFU! No more Legends characeters!

  2. Capcom, you're supposed to wait for TGS for all these announcements!

  3. Whoa, I refresh the page after reading the MMU post and now this. Wow.

  4. *waves small flag* yay...more Legends...whoopee...

  5. Well, looks like that guy that made me go derp was right about Tron Bonne only being in the stage when she's not there. :P

  6. Tronn...? Come on, Capcom...

  7. A Legends character in a Capcom crossover game despite not having a game in years? I am shocked! No wait no I'm not they do this all the time.

    Call me when they do something actually unexpected like throwing in Aile or something weird.

  8. @ TAG: Bored girl is more like it. >_>

    This I saw coming from a mile away. I called the 'X fans will be happy' statement not meaning that X was in the game, and I've managed to call Tron being in the game, both purely based on the assumption that Capcom wouldn't blatantly hint to Volnutt and X.

    Now the Rockman representative is pretty much between Classic and EXE, and this will be far harder to predict. I still believe that EXE has a serious chance of getting in.

  9. No Mega Man X but Tron Bonne -_-

  10. FUCK. YES.

    My interest for this game just catapulted.

  11. @Alilatias.....bored girl? what?

  12. Sounds fine to me. Keeps Legends in the public eye.

  13. yes I was hoping at least one of the Bonnes would make it in there

  14. If the Mega in this game is EXE I'll be pretty disappointed, but thats just me. It has nothing to do with preferring one character or 'timeline' over the other, but whoever makes it in here represents Mega Man in a much bigger picture than fanboy arguements, and no matter how you spell it out, Classic, or even X can do that and the others can't. EXE > Star Force guy any day of the week, however.

    But I'm predicting Trigger, just because Capcom has a tendency to reuse any and all assets from previous games that they can get away with, and Trigger was just used.

    @Anon 1
    Have you played the Legends games? I honestly don't know a single person who played them and disliked them. On top of that, a large portion of the Mega Man fanbase rejoices when Capcom so much as looks in Legends' general direction. Tron Bonne makes a lot of people happy, or Capcom wouldn't bother bringing her back.

  15. @ TAG: "Well, looks like that guy that made me go derp"

    "Bored girl is more like it. >_>"

  16. Yeah, it's a bummer that X isn't in there, but if we get to see Zero doing some BA theatrics, I'm alright.

  17. Omg Trish is in this and she is just hot as ever o_o

  18. Wow, I have never been so happy to have been wrong. That's awesome, she came out of nowhere in the trailer.

  19. Holy crap!

    I didn't know Viewtiful Joe will be in this as well! Well, I'm glad Tron Bonne is gonna be in this game as a returnable playable character.

  20. Hey, I'd take Tron over X any day ;)

  21. Well, there can be two of a same Universe, right? Right?
    Also, Amaterasu and Viewtiful Joe, fuck year!

    In other news, the shader (I believe that's what's called) they used for this video made everything look metallic - that was until I saw a still of Cap'n America. Then it looked like your typical comic book shading. I hope it looks a little less "confusing" in-game.

  22. More Legends Love!! Yessss <333

    also, lol @ everyone complaining.

    "Give us more legends"
    "Here ya go"
    "This is why we can't have a new game."

  23. @Alilatias: Ah. My mistake.
    @Gadget: Too true. XD

  24. I'd trade Trish for any marvel girl... ANY of them.

  25. @Windsor
    I have played Legends, and I HATED IT. Hated the plot, hated the camera, hated the way it played, just HATE. About the only thing I remotely liked about the game was Volnutt's design.
    But hey, that's my opinion. Personally, I can't stand Legends, though I can clearly see I'm in the minority.
    It just bothers me that other characters from other series aren't getting any attention: it's always Volnutt, Tron, Classic, or some incarnation of Zero. I'd just like to see someone different is all.

  26. @cccd-erckie:
    Volnutt-Only in Namco x Capcom & TvC
    Tron Bonne: Only in MvC2
    Classic: Only in MvC1 & 2 (yeah. 2 games. Surprising, eh?)
    Zero: Onimusha Blade, SNK vs. Capcom for the Zero version, and TvC for the X version. Yeah, I guess if you lump them together, then you could say that they're focusing on him.

  27. @TAG:
    Actually, Tron was in Namco X Capcom too =P

  28. ... I think I'm beginning to hate Seth Killian for not having Megaman X in this game. I can't believe it Tron is in. Good for her. Now I am no longer trusting and faith in Capcom and Seth. -_- They're dead to me.

  29. @ September 10, 2010 12:58 PM Anon:

    Ever heard of the saying, "Don't shoot the messenger"? If anything, you should be blaming Nitsuma for making that 'X fans should be happy' comment months prior, because he's actually a developer.

    From the way Seth worded everything during X's deconfirmation last week, it sounds as if the game's roster was near-finalized (or already finalized) when the game was announced.

    I also recall something about the game having been in development for years now. I would guess development started during or immediately after TvC.

    Also, be aware that Nitsuma also said that each stage in the game was related to a playable character. Since the Legends stage exists, we knew for months that we were getting a Legends character no matter what - it was just a matter of whether it was Tron Bonne or Volnutt (and if it was Volnutt, you can officially kiss your chances of seeing any other Rockman goodbye, outside of DLC).

    If anything, I wouldn't be surprised at all if the shouting that we've done for character inclusions since the game's official announcement may be purely for DLC-related reasons down the road.

  30. @Ailiaiatias

    True. Also, watch for Saito, he's been complaining about ZX or Star Force MegaMan being in MVC3. And let me tell you, he's a huge Star Force and ZX fanboy and it got on a friend of mine's nerves and some other people as well, may I remind you about him complaining about Zero Collection? Seriously, he wouldn't shut up about it. -_-!

    Well, I hope Classic MegaMan makes a return in the third installment of MVC or Roll as well. Whihc MegaMan do you want in MVC3?

  31. Oofas!? I though Tron's not gonna be in the game cuz she was in the background of Cattelox Is.!? least we got one Megaman series character in there, so who's next? I'm looking forward for Original Megaman, Zero, and if possible someone from Battle Network or Shooting Star.

  32. @cccd-erckie

    Because Classic, X, and Zero are the most whored out with more games.

    They don't need cameos, they've got enough going on.

  33. @ HeroManX: I already know about Saito. Known him for months. I actually consider him to be more of a friend than you are. Sure, he's blunt with his insults and arguments, but it's no worse than your seemingly constant need to start unecessary personal crap with him from out of nowhere.

    All that aside, my personal Rockman representative pick would be EXE. I agree with Gadget here, if only because we all know that EXE is never getting an actual new game ever again. It'll be really sad if the very series that almost single-handedly ensured that the entire Rockman franchise would survive into the next decade doesn't even get any acknowledgement at all.

    (And before anyone goes "HURRR EXE SUCKS, IT'S NOT A PLATFORMER, IT DIDN'T SAVE ANYTHING", Japanese sales charts would like to speak with you beforehand. It's undeniable that EXE kept the Rockman franchise in general relevant long enough for MM9 and 10 to appear)

    Having EXE in MvC3 would be a great send-off, especially what with EXE's 10th anniversary coming up in March.

  34. I'm sorry about that. But I had a terrible experince with that guy. He think he knows everything, but he doesn't.

  35. @Alilatias:
    I agree. It would be pretty awesome if EXE got in somehow.
    I just...wouldn't hold your breath.

  36. @ cccd-erckie:

    I know that. I know better than to whine like how the 'mature' (more like ungrateful) X fans did after X's deconfirmation if EXE doesn't make it in.

    But that doesn't mean I'm going to stand idly by and do nothing about the morons that are going 'LOL EXE HAS NO CHANCE, IT'S NOT A PLATFORMER SERIES/ITS GEARED TOWARDS KIDS, AND HE WON'T FIT IN THIS MATURE MVC3!!!'

    There's none here at this blog so far, but man, GameFAQs and YouTube are swarming with them. Then again, they were always havens for trolls.

  37. Your friendly, neighborhood metool for MVC3September 10, 2010 at 10:02 PM

    Am I the only one that thinks Tron dosent fit in with everything?

    I mean, here we have all these super serious looking, grim-and-gritty MAHVEL and Capcom fighters duking it out, then we have a overly anime styled girl in a mech-suit popping up. I seem to be in the minority with this, but it just seems jarring what with the style they're going for (But then again, any MM character would, really.)

    Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that ANY MM character has been confirmed (It took them this long?) It just seems like they could have altered her design to fit in with the style but without altering her general look (Like how Morigan looks more realistic compared to her prior, semi-cartoonish Darkstalkers look).

    Also, Joe riding on Amaterasu makes me a happy Metool

  38. @HeroManX

    Funny how you call me these things, yet you're the one who has a strange obsession with talking about me.

    You must either be blind, illiterate, selective on what you want to read, or just plain fucking retarded.

    I've never once said that I only liked EXE and SSR. I like all the "Rockmen" equally. I have said this at least 68 times now, and retarded-ass people like you still seem to claim otherwise. However, the fanbases of them, that's a different story. The X and Zero fanbases are fucking pathetic, and you're undeniable proof of this.

    Now, why would I want SS Rockman, ZX Rockman, or Rockman EXE in MvC3? Because it makes the most sense. Especially EXE and SS Rockman, they're basically the face of the franchise now. They're featured in all the current artwork, the most popular in terms of sales, promotions, etc., especially in Japan, where Capcom actually gets it's fan-data from. Not you ungrateful little shits here in North America who bitch about everything they do.

    Capcom: "Here's Volnutt in TvC and Tron in MvC2 and 3"

    That's the kind of shit I see constantly from you North American fans. I NEVER see this shit when I'm talking to Japanese Rockman fans, ever. The closest thing I've seen is one fan saying that Rockman 10 is a waste of time, saying Capcom should have taken the time and made something else.

    As much as you want to deny it, for the past... 'round 10 years, EXE and SSR are the face of Rockman right now. You can say "ZOMG RUINED FOREVER" all you like, but guess what? That's just the facts. You can't argue with concrete facts, and that's all I present.

    If you can't handle that, then seriously, grow up and get the fuck out off the internet. I'm sick of people like you, you're the reason why the Rockman/Megaman fanbase is a JOKE now.

  39. I just hope that if they bring in a ZX representative that it's either Vent or Aile, not Ashe or Grey. I really didn't like Model A that much (though it could just be my extreme dislike of Ashe's VA job talking here...)

    Still, it'd be interesting if we have a network timeline rep for once. Don't think we've ever had one in the games. However, something tells me that if we do, it's gonna be Subaru and Warrock, NOT Lan and Hub. Of course, if they do that, then that leaves Blues.EXE, and that'd be AWESOME.

    Also... I'd prefer someone different for classic. Forte, perhaps? Rock and Roll show up all the time, so it'd be nice to not have them for once.

  40. @Saito

    LOL I laugh at your pathic excuse for a comeback. Doing this for 10 years? Man, you need to not jump to conclusions and make assumations like the idiot you are. Battle Network and Star Force may be great, but Classic and some collections of past MegaMan series are what keeps the MegaMan franchise alive and flowing, not just BN and SF.

    Serious;y, don't jump to conculsions, have you even know me? Nope. That was the most pathic assumation You have made... -_-

    You need to keep your opioions (what you say are facts are opioions, get it through your thick head!) to yourself before you make a foll out of yourself.

    Too bad your so called facts don't work on true Megaman fans...

  41. Uh, wow, color me surprised. Wasn't she a background character in one of the stages...?

  42. @Saito

    How am I proof of this? I'm not. I'm just stating my opioion while you tried to use some things to make your opioions into facts and you failed real hard at it. It's you who can't shut up about the X and Zero fanbase. So don't make some assumation that we NA MegaMan fans are respoinible for MegaMan series failing. Show me proof that the MegaMan series is failing because of the fanbase. Back before ZX, BN, and SF, Classic and X and Legends were the reason those three series keep MegaMan alive, as time moves on, ZX, BN, Zero and SF made it even better. It's not the NA people's fault they complained about new MegaMan games, they're human beings and they have every right to like or hate new stuff.

    But you... You're trying to make it sound like North America is the reason MegaMan is like a joke. Are you racist against us American MegaMan fans or something? Cause it clearly sounds like you are. And don't make a assumation that I been denying it for 10 years, hell, I started playing X when I was 7 years old and I like it. So if you don't like the X and Zero fanbase or what I say, then get the hell off the internet and never show your face in this blog again. Which I doubt you will listen... -_-!

  43. The argument that people can't decide whether or not they want Legends is ridiculous. The people who are crying for Legends 3, and the people going "No more Legends characters in crossovers" are different. No two Megaman fans are the same - it's kind of what happens when a franchise conveniently creates schisms for us to bitch at each other about.

  44. However, something tells me that if we do, it's gonna be Subaru and Warrock, NOT Lan and Hub.

    I know I'm in the minority here, but I'd absolutely love that.

  45. What the fuck is up with this BAWWing here for?

    Let's =D for Tron in MvsC3.

  46. Man, I wonder which MegaMan will arrive in MVC3.

    It better be MegaMan Trigger or Volnutt like he appeared in TVC.

    Also, I laughed at Saito's stupid BN/SF fanboyism. I been denying ti for what? 10 years? Man, Saito you need to get your head checked before you make assumations. Classic alogn with the other MM series are keeping this franhsic alive and well. And why are you racist against North American fans? Sounds like we got a America hater, (Coguh! Saito! Cough!)

  47. @HeroManX

    Well, laughter is the only way to make the pain stop hurting. Undeniable proof that you are either seriously retarded, or are so hurt and wounded by the things I say that you have to put on this "laughing" show to make it sound like it didn't hurt you.

    When in fact, it's killing you, because you can't come up with a decent argument to save yours or your family's life.

    You're the dumbest person, besides Musashi The Master/MegaKOSMOSfan, I've seen from the MegaMan community, ever. I can't believe you're even allowed on the internet or near an electronic device from how utterly retarded you are.

    You're so hell-bent on being "against" whatever I say, that you make up bullshit out of your ass just to justify your reasons for it.

    Even the most pessimistic, overly-sensitive person in the world, would not be able to look at my comment and call it "racist".

    Hell, think about how stupid that sounds. "Racist against North Americans", seriously. North American is not a race, dumbass.

    I've got some great advice for you, and you should SERIOUSLY do it.

    -Take your computer's power cable out.
    -Wrap around neck in circle motion until it reaches tight condition.
    -Tie a knot and tighten it until you fall asleep.

    If you don't wake up, that means you did it right. ^_^

  48. Ugh, I really did not want to get into this, Protodude. But again, I feel this has to be said.

    @ HeroManX: While I don't agree with the method in which Saito argues, you can't really deny that he's mostly right.

    Look at the early part of this decade.
    - Legends had pretty much bombed,
    - Interest in Classic had dwindled after 7 and 8
    - X was revived to really bad reception and sales

    Now, tell me, which series appeared that kept the franchise afloat during this time? That's right, EXE.

    What EXE did is something no other Rockman series has ever done before - sales increased with each installment released until the EXE series reached its peak at EXE 4 (and even then, EXE 5 and 6 are still in the top 5 in Rockman-related sales this decade).

    All other series, save for Classic 2, saw sales dip -immediately- after the first installment. (To be fair, Zero did quite well in sales too, but only the first two games could really compare to any of the EXE series in terms of sales.)

    Oh, and don't bother spouting any BS like, "But EXE prevented development of more Classic and X games!" because that's not true at all.

    - EXE was handeled by a different development team, the same one that made Legends.
    - The staff that later formed IntiCreates was responsible for the early X games, the Zero series, the ZX series, and MM9 and 10.
    - There was a third development team that was tasked on extending the X series almost indefinitely. I've never heard of this team again after X8 was released though.

    If anything, it's the exact opposite: During the first half of this decade, Classic, X, EXE, and Zero games were being developed at the same time.

    After EXE ended, the releases began to slow to a trickle. It should be obvious why. The money that EXE raked in obviously funded development for many of the other Rockman games throughout this decade.

    After ZX and Star Force pretty much failed (shut up, Saito, I'm not interested in getting into an argument on why Star Force didn't preform as well as EXE), MM9 and 10 showed up - about two years after EXE ended.

    And one final thing: I love how your only response to Saito's arguments amounts to nothing but personal insults. You're proving his point.

    Hell, I recently ran into this asshole on YouTube in the Rockman Online traier comments saying something like "EXE is poisoning the minds of the youth". YES, I'M FREAKING SERIOUS, SOMEONE ACTUALLY SAID THIS.

    This is what Saito means. It's one to dislike a game based on personal preferences, like a normal fan. It's another thing entirely to do it without even knowing what the hell you're even hating in the first place, convienently ignoring the irony that you are subjecting yourself to, AND insulting the series' fanbase to boot.

    My favorite one (because it's so easy to turn this around and make them look like complete idiots) is the complaint that EXE was being a milked series.

    Well, guess what, EXE had already ended, Classic is still ongoing, and X is also still ongoing AND had to be revived past its intended end to be milked even further. Hilarious how some X fans complain about milking of the EXE/SF series while simultaneously demanding for X9.

  49. @Alilatias

    Try telling that to Saito who is stubborn as a mule...

    Look, I'm sorry, but he causes me so much pain to fans and he has a sailor mouth who's trying to turn his opioions into facts which did not work. And I agree with you, Alilatias. Star Force may be great and all, but liek you said, it did badly so that's why Capcom decided to end the series with Star Force 3.

    I am really am sorry cause of my fights with Jerkface Saito, he just... gets on people's nerves...

    Please forgive the fool that I am.Alilatias.

  50. Part 2

    Who said I hate Battle Network and Star Force? I loved those series, Alilatias. So I had to agree with you on this one, Alilatias. Battle Network helped keep the MegaMan fanchise alive and well, well it's sad that Battle Network series ended with BN 6. But still, MegaMan 9 and 10 came around and even though I don't have 10 yet, they looked awesome.

    I like Star Force as well. But after hearing that Star Force series did badly, I had to agree with you on this. But Saito won't accept the fact that SF may be the worse series ever in some fans' opioions, but I liek Star Force series when it first came out. So sorry Saito, Star Force had horrible sales even though I wish it wasn't true.

    So due to Star Force and ZX being a failed series, there may be no chance that either of the characters of SF and ZX may make it to MVC3, so shut up about it, Saito.

    I like ZX as well. But like you said before, Alilatias, ZX did badly.

    So I'm sorry I started unessary crap with Saito the jerkface Kojima. He and I are destined to be enemies...

  51. *nods* Hmm...

    On a completely different note, here's Capcom's TGS schedule.

  52. Okay, guys. Let's settle this argument that was clearly stopped several hours ago and come to an agreement: They're so obviously going to use the Mega Man from the Captain N cartoon.


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