Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mega Man Universe Producer Interviewed (Updated)

GameSpot had some time to chat it up with Mega Man Universe producer Akiko Ito to talk about all things MMU. One of the more noteworthy tidbits coming from the video interview is confirmation of a story driven mode and some insight on how players will be able to share their stages with one another. Those details and more in the video below:


Don't forget to check out GameSpot's Mega Man Universe page for more media. Thanks, John.

UPDATE: Destructoid has conducted their own MMU interview with Capcom's Wes Phillips. Provides a nice overview of the game's contents with gameplay footage, some nice shots of the MMU booth and more.


  1. Still not interested in this game, it looks too weird. Give us another battle network game dammit.

  2. People said the same thing to the toon Legend of Zelda appearance, but appearance in NOT the same as gameplay...

    I can imagine the story: Axl uses Model A to become any custom character he wants, and accidentally goes back in time when transformed into ClockMan.EXE and loses his memory. Dr. Light repairs him and he fights against Neo Arcadia and the System.

  3. ...anaon 2, what are you smoking?

    I want some of it.

    Seriously though, reserving final judgement for actual game...

  4. About what I said about warming up to this game? Yeah, I take that back. This game still looks as unappealing as it did a few weeks ago. I think it's really setting us up for disappoinemtn.

  5. The ability to customize everything is good, I admit. Saddened that it still won't be for the Wii, but it makes sense, considering how large this thing looks.


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