Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rockman Online Website Is Live (Updated)

This literally just happened:

Capcom and NeoWiz have launched an official website for Rockman Online. The website will provide up to date info on the game. Pretty bare right now, but do check it out for some nice artwork.

Oh, and Legends 3 was announced.

UPDATE: Now that the MML3 excitment has cooled down a bit, I can get to talking about this. Thanks to readers Kevin and RockX, here's a couple details about the game coming from the website.

There are three types of playable characters classes : X Type, Zero Type and Duo Type. All the details after the break!

X Type: This class has the ability to perform a Nova Strike, in addition to X's other trademark attacks such as the charge shot. Nova Strike is executable after you've taken a certain amount of damage. Further, X's new armor allows him to have additional mobility in deep sea and perilous mountain missions.

Zero Type: With his trusty Z-Saber, Zero is the close combat character. He's able to perform a multitude of melee attacks to take out foes at close range and can perform a double jump to reach new heights. When equipped with armor, Zero's defense capable greatly increase and is able to attack multiple enemies at once. Much like past games in the X series, Zero cannot gain new weaponry.

Duo Type: A heavy-class character. Duo can attack foes with his fist which can be powered up to increase damage; rockets and a "cross-beam" make up the rest of his arsenal; when equipped with armor, Duo can fly for a brief period of time; finally, he is immune to virus type enemies, but as a trade off, he cannot utilize other weaponry.

Interestingly, the site mentions we won't actually be playing as X, Zero or Duo. Instead, we're playing as a Reploid that can copy the DNA of legendary Reploids and take on their appearance and abilities.

Another thing of interest, the site puts a huge emphasis on the UCA -- The United Continent Association. The UCA acts as the world government in Rockman Online and disperses its military forces (i.e Rockman Online players) to intervene in large scale political, economic, and military conflicts. Behind these skirmishes is the URA:

The Ultimate Reploid Association -- This separatist organization, made up of vigilante Reploids, aims to disrupt society with terrorism. The UCA is constantly battling them to quell these conflicts. Whether it be small or large scale activity, the UCA is always on the scene to combat them, though they've lost many areas to their influence.

Beyond these tidbits, the site makes no mention of how we arrived at this fusion of Classic/X series characters. I suppose we'll be hearing about that another day.


  1. M-Mega Man Legends 3!? For the Nintendo 3DS!?


    I knew it! I KNEW that's what the "oft requested" game was all along, even before The Shadow confirmed it!

  2. @Krazy Monkey:

    Wrong post, dude xD

  3. ...

    Whoa, I just realized. I posted the above comment on the wrong article. No wonder it didn't go through.

  4. The_Devilus@hotmail.comSeptember 29, 2010 at 6:00 AM

    Hehe so the 3 first post aret even mentioning te content in this post ;D
    Well im gonna give it a try tought im still runing on the walls when i say the mml3 post. regarding rockman online we havent learn much more, still no screens with actual gameplay wich is very disapointing considering how long we have known about it. The concept as a whole is very intressting though, and that awsome trailer gave from my point of veiw a lot of the story, aslo this could be the truley first game that touches on that missing lik between mm and x other than just mentioning wily or showing blueprits of zero.

  5. Interesting.. Bet it will not come to Japan and USA at all.

    For Rockman Dash 3/Megaman Legends 3 for Nintendo 3DS.. Wise decision since it is supposed to be for Nintendo at the beginning expect series.. Legends 3 is the first time ever on Nintendo after 2 sequels for psx. Thank you, Capcom. I hope you make a right decision again in the future for other seqeuel like Rockman X9 and more on Nintendo 3ds or new Wii 2. :)

  6. Way to re use artwork Neowiz

  7. I will pay monies for this.

    *hunts through the art and drools*

    This makes up for no X9, IMO.

    Did ya'll see that beefed up Cutman?! Yikes!

  8. Okay, I've been going through the blog and translating a few things with google, and MAN, I wish I knew korean, because some of this stuff is freaking GOLD.

    There's a post that's supposed to be authored by Layer, and at one point it looks like she's saying "Don't f*** with me." Literally. She says that.

    This project needs more fan-love, because I think it's a big love letter to X fans, and it's obvious the creators are big fans as well.

    Don't make me make a website! I don't have the time or skill...

  9. Damn, you beat me to it, I just finished composing this!

    Iagree with Anon #3, there's good stuff here worthy of deeper scrutiny.

  10. Holy Sh..rimps!!

    And now megaman legends 3??

  11. Why is Colonel and Iris helping X and Zero? I guess this happens before the Repliforce coup, but still. I don't think Colonel seems like a helping hand kinda guy. I guess maybe whatever crisis the trailer showed brings everyone together. Lol, take a look at Cut Man. Not too basic anymore! Now that I see this, the classic concept art shown in Command Mission looks A LOT like the classic designs we have seen.

    Wow, what a day for MegaMan news history. Beautiful!

  12. Awesome!! But x, zero and duo are the only playable characters?
    What about Bass, mega and protoman?

  13. Hm. I'm disappointed by the lack of character customization. Even though in the end we'd just see a buttload of Zeroes and Xs running around, I'd prefer to be able to make my character look how I want them to.

  14. As predicted, this is going to be a big mishmash of classic and X, a whole new timeline rather than a link. Still interesting.

  15. @MegaMac

    Why would Colonel and Iris help Zero and X? Because this game doesn't make any sense.

    I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say the developers (note: it's not being made by Capcom) don't really know that much about the franchise.

    They're the equivalent of the fans that don't know the difference between Mega Man and X (the characters, not the game). The kind of fan that thinks Mega Man X is Mega Man 10. If they even know that much.

    Honestly: The only characters are offshoots of X, Zero and Duo -- a one-off robot (I'm not including spin offs) from late in the Classic series? Really?

    Without slopping in time travel there's no sensible way for this to work. Look at the allegiances -- we have the 'UCA', with Dr. Light, X, Zero, Iris, and Colonel? Dr. Light alive in the X continuity, while Zero's a good guy? And teamed with Repliforce?

    Sting Chameleon, Wily, Cutman, and Sigma? What? How does that even work? And they call themselves the 'Ultimate Reploid Association'? Only two of those characters are even Reploids!

    They seem to use Reploid as a catch-all for any robot, even though a reploid is specifically a type of robot made modeled after X.

    I realize these group images are likely just an example of the characters that make up the individual organizations, but this just doesn't make any sense. It's as though the developers don't know -- or care -- about the franchise they're working with. Like it's some sort of weird fan game.

  16. I swear that someone divided by zero, because this is getting a bit crazy with the designs. Cut Man as a Reploid, seriously?

    As awesome as Rockman Online looks, the whole Classic and X crossover just makes no sense.

  17. Hey, is Megaman Universe and Rockman Online different games? It's starting to look like they are very different now. As in the MMU looks like to cater the western 'taste', and Rockman Online to cater Eastern 'taste'.

  18. MMU and RMO are entirely different games, yes.

  19. 6th Anonymous: Way to miss the point is a MMORPG game they probably will just put a bunch of characters from the classic and x series and make their own storyline.
    It is a Korean game it is probably not canon and not related to the classic-x main storyline.

  20. I wished this game would come to the US. Despite the fact that the implied information (like from pics and vids) about the game story makes no sense to the canon timeline, I would still like to play it. After all, there's no definite answer to what the story for the game is about yet.

    I really hope this isn't like the Digimon game where you only get to chose 3 characters. I want customization!

  21. No Axl????
    -.- Damn

  22. Just the point that copy chip is used to get X and Zero's form, means any robot can be brought back to the timeline. As for certain characters, maybe it has the reploid base with copy chip to the old design and gotten their memories from old body. Maybe the current Dr. Wily is a cyborg or something. Anything goes with the copy chip, we can even have an upgraded Rush to fuse with the X model. There might be Bass and Treble too. I definitely am waiting for Axle model.

  23. Ah, the more I see of this, the more it appears to be what I feared; it's a random company allowed to use the Rockman name, takes the two more popular versions of it (X and Classic), mashes 'em together and sells it as a MMORPG... there is no epic awesome link of the two, caution seems to be tossed to the wind here. They may even screw up hardcore and call X "Rockman/MegaMan" because they don't care / want to differentiate the two.

    Oh well, hopefully I'm wrong, but this is what it looks like to me.

  24. ...X, Zero, and folks in this series are dead. Apparently, the backstory says that in the far future, everybody thought the Sigma Virus and the irregulars born as a result of it were gone. Then all of a sudden a large number of irregulars start popping up, so the UCA goes and starts pumping out copies of X, Zero, Duo and so on to combat them by using the chips that hold their DNA Soul Data and similar things. Which end up being the player characters.

    So apparently, the setting is that the robot masters we see in this game are actually rebuilt versions or heavily customized copies that are actually made using the same tech that goes into repliroids, or everybody forgot traditional robots existed.

    I just skimmed through the info instead of reading it in-depth, so I could be mistaken about a few things, but that's the basic gist...If Capcom makes this official, we're going to end up with yet another X/Zero timeline issue. *facepalm*

    If anybody needs any translations, email me and I'll see if I can translate all the stuff next week. >__>;;

  25. I just love that Duo's armor looks (kinda) like his original form. I psyched to see this game in action.

  26. @Kidwillow:

    Definitely interested in a proper translation of this rather than halfassing it through Yahoo and Google. Can you e-mail me at cassandrapoe(at)gmail(dot)com?

  27. This looks like an awful fanfic.

    Honestly think they just pointed at classic and X characters at random and decided to put them in the game and there won't be a valid explanation for any of it.

  28. I'll email the stuff next week. Midterms. Also, like I said, the post above is a quick skim through that probably has a few errors here and there. Some of them possibly major. And the above comment has a bit of conjecture since I was talking my thoughts on it.

    I'll do a proper translation later on and seperate my conjecture and the official info into neat packages. Expect it to be huge with info being sent/posted over the course of days/weeks, because that naver cafe is a nightmare to navigate.

  29. Now see, this game might even work if they allow customization of chracters but keep the abilities of the 3 [or more later] DNA forms as skills, not as in not make you all X/zero/duo duplicates. I can see the forms as more like fighting styles, currently 2 ranged styles [one adapatable and one protection from hostile effects maybe via tank style]and 1 melee style [similar to duo's protection from viruses, with limitations on adaptation]. By keeping it AltUni it means they not only can go all out with crazy ideas [good or bad] but it means that also good or bad they have the ability to throw literally everything someone can think up in. Hell, maybe the Wiley is the original via time skimmer or something like that [I'm sure theres got to be a semi decent fanfic somewhere that uses that idea XD].
    In short: an alternate timeline universe is not better then trying to make a unique universe MMO, but has more freedom without potentially outstaging the main characters of set canon, as it is clearly not canon. Now its just up to see what they can do.

  30. hmmm, wait did i get that wrong? maybe 2 melee 1 ranged. I gotta stop saying things wrong XD

  31. ok instead of skimming the stupid article I actually read the part on Duo, and it seems that chracter archtype has pretty much everything in him, melee AND ranged, upgrades for flight, and Healing? now I just dont know what to think on Duo type skills compared to the more specialized X and Zero styles. maybe they'll make Duo's abilitys more of a balanced style with other characters as added being either specialized, or generalized like what they've apparently put down for Duo. [If these posts I put down can get all put together it'll probably be for the best]

  32. Yo. >__> Expect something to show up on my blog, here, or Cassandra's blog within the week. And by something, I mean virtually every bit of important information that's been out now.

    Also, expect me to use this newfound power to advertise an EXE fangame I'm helping out sometime in the future. >__>;;

  33. Hey guys, down load Google Chrome. It translates every thing. So I can just Copy and past every thing for you guys. If you want.

    Also, I think the game should have it to make your own character. It's just down right stupid to have 40 Zeros, 12 Duos, and 20 Xs running around.
    And how will you be unique? Well it's a little to soon to be asking all this but we want a great game.

  34. Juan Gabriel ( 30, 2011 at 4:06 PM i can think we all can give ideas :-) i think that not necesary it has to be exactly them....come to think about it,there are chips allowing to adquire all the knowledge and skills of the long fallen heroes....and people want can be done has a training-like program that allows people chose what hero skills they want....and at the same time...allowing players to physically customizate they're players!! :D but to make it more clasificable...the armor restrictions are of those hero skill they chose...for example....the ones who Chose Zero....only armors specific to those who chose zero's skills.....but,diferent types of armors to adapt more likings :) diferent helmets,chest,boots,and diferent kind of swords and Busters....(I am only giving ideas :D) other would be very good to put more character...for cousin mentioned to be great to use's his favorite character XD lol,anyways...getting back to will be great to have more characters :-) i am giving ideas cause i am way agreed to have a rockman game online....i am a great rockman/megaman fan....and as long as the characters appears...i will be fine ^_^ (Of course...the original characters....not others who actually become them O.o) as the way i think it...this game is based in the copies of X,Zero and Dou.....they are not humans who actually transform in them....believe can be worse than this XD i really agree and cheer up the idea of having this game among others :) again i say...maybe it's impossible to change what's done until now....but,if everyone says what they think...i will as diference that i am honestly talking that i think that it won't be that bad....and i really ancious to play the game xD i would like to play it as much as i love to play all other megaman games :) i am rooting for the staff who is actually working on the game and i hope i have contributed something useful ;-) as this is for us...we should be more greatful...that at least another game involving our favorite characters(The original ones....just chip based copies of the original ones with everyone with they unique skills...) is going to be realesed!! :-D i am rooting for u guys and i hope that i have been of help ^_^ keep it up and will anciously wait for the game :) greetings and keep it up!!! ^_^

  35. c'mon guys can any give alink to see how play it

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