Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rockman Celebration At Kotobukiya Store In Akihabara

If you happen to be in Japan this weekend, stop on by Kotobukiya's direct store in Akihabara and celebrate the release of the ever awesome 1/10 scale Rockman model.

From September 25 through the 26th, the "Autumn Rockman Festival" will play host to a special lottery where customers can enter a drawing to win either a 1Up cushion, a giant E-Can pillow, or the grand prize, a Rockman model free of charge! There will be multiple chances to win throughout the weekend, too, so if luck's not on your side one hour, try again the next.

The other big draw of the event is the first public unveiling of the upcoming 1/10 scale Blues model, which is scheduled for release in 2011. Blues was previously exhibited in poster form at last month's Chara Hobby but this time it'll be the model itself on display. Look forward to the inevitable photos!

Lastly, everyone that shows up gets a 1Up sticker as proof of participation, regardless if you win something from the lottery or not. Kind of neat, I guess (reminds me of those "everyone's a winner" trophies from little league).

Source: Kotobukiya Blog (thanks, JimBoy!)


  1. Would any other die hard megaman fans kill for one of those e-tank cussions?

  2. I wish I was in Japan right now...Well, now I know to plan my Japan Trip in the future for this time period.


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