Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rockman Gigamix?

Japanese online shop Fukkan is taking preorders for a mysterious "Rockman Gigamix" comic, described as having some sort of relation to Hitoshi Ariga, author of the Rockman Megamix comic series. Ariga's personal blog seems to indicate that Gigamix will be a follow up to Megamix.

Volume 1 of Gigamix will ship in late July, followed by volume 2 in late December. Both volumes will retail for 1,680 Yen.

In other Ariga news, Fukkan has launched a special giveaway in which the first 500 copies of the Megamix reprints will come with a limited edition postcard. Even better, 10 books will be eligible to receive an autograph by Ariga himself. How cool is that?


  1. The description mentions the publishing of the past Ariga books by Enterbrain, Kodansha and Bom Bom Comics, and this Gigamix will be for the most enthusiastic fans. It might have both old comic stories already published, and stories that Ariga haven't published yet.

    We are still missing stories about Rockman 7, 8 and Forte right now, and thanks to the Rockman 9 Arrange Soundtrack, Ariga skipped right over to Rockman 9 just for the celebration that the game finally came out. o.o

    There's a happy message from Ariga in that Gigamix page too. ^.^

  2. Now, if only I had the ability to buy and ship to the States via that site...Gigamix sounds awesome and thanks for the description Vixy!

  3. what company's publishing this?

    *crosses fingers that LA Kinokuniya has it when released*


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