Thursday, May 14, 2009

About that X8 GBA Cartridge...

PRC contributor Jesse took the liberty of purchasing the oddity that is Mega Man X8 for the Game Boy Advance, a pirated cartridge that popped up on ebay a while back.

Essentially, the game is nothing more than an emulated copy of Mega Man 4 (NES) with two minor oddities:

- The boot up screen is a strange modification of Mega Man Zero 4's. (pic)

- The real title screen, that of Mega Man 4's, is a slight edit of the original source, lacking the roman numerals "IV." (pic)

Other than that, the game is MM4 through and through. Truly unfortunate too as I was expecting something along the lines of an adaption of X8, similar to what they did with the common Rockman 8 Game Boy pirate,an 8-bit "recreation" of the PSX/Saturn title. Seen below:

Thanks, Jesse.


  1. Fan dedication perhaps?

  2. Isn't this Megaman 4 (GB), not NES?

  3. to be honest, things like that are illegal. the guy that bought it could maybe give that address to nintendo or capcom and have them take legal action against the guy that sold it to him.

  4. illegal?! Bah dont be such a pantsy,All these new tougher law achive is the downfall of progress in culture outside the big cooperations.They say it helps the artists but they dont make money on thier records, they make money on thier tours. the freedom the internet used to present made it possible for artist to really make money on their work.

  5. @bowsersenemy,

    I hope so! I hate those people that sold illegal things to Ebay. An Ebay author is an idiot not to check them out first before posts on Ebay.

  6. Wow, i give credit to the guy for actually buying it just to see what it was... braver man then i. You know, i'm really trying to laugh at that, but i really can't, it's just so dumb.

  7. @StenMan: Thanks, I like checking things like that out, as long as they are not very expensive (which it wasn't - about $10 or so). I've sold it since then for about that (although I very clearly specified what the game was, and no one had any problems with that). The legality of such a thing is dubious at best, and the original seller should have been clearer about what was on the cart, but...oh well!

    Oh, and all those pirate carts and licensed games that were on TaoBao that Proto posted about recently - I picked ALL of them up for around $25 USD (including shipping), so I'll let you guys know how that turned out, along with pics and screens.

  8. They had a chance to be SO much more creative with this....Come on now, pirates....


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