Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mega Man NES Box Artist "Demakes" Halo 3 Cover

Well, not really. Agent B and B Miggs, concocted a humorous article about the artist behind Mega Man 1's infamous box art taking the liberty of "demaking" the Halo 3 cover. The result is positively horrendous:

"Former Mega Man NES box artist Rodney Baddraw, whose Mega Man work is routinely voted "worst box art in videogame history," was lazily trawling Craigslist for freelance gigs when he stumbled upon Bungie's ad. Being the only designer to agree to the payment terms of 800 MS points and a Cortana4Life temporary tattoo, he happily took the assignment.

As you can see, the results are already horrifying. Worse yet are his plans to butcher even more modern classics with his unique neglect of perspective, anatomy, color scheme and any logical cohesive relation to the actual game in question."

The hilarity continues here.

Thanks, Jim


  1. XD

    I'm wondering if the first Megaman would've made such a big impact had the boxart not been so terrible and typical of 80s video game misrepresentation.

  2. Is his last name seriously Baddraw?
    *is doubtful*

  3. Soultrigger...

    Amusingly, his last name does appear to be Baddraw.

  4. This can't be real. :P

  5. Nice boxart!!!! *sarcasm*
    I seriously doubt that the guys true name is "Baddraw", but if it truly was, then wouldn't it be ironic?

  6. Googling "Rodney Baddraw" yields nothing. It is obviously all fabricated.


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