Monday, May 18, 2009

Custom Proto Man G.I Joe Is Absolutely Stunning

Sorry Mega, this Proto Man G.I Joe takes the cake. Takes it with great vigor.

Jin Saotome brings us another custom G.I Joe auction, this time in the form of the Red Rocker himself:
"This auction is for a custom made 3 ¾” Protoman with removable helmet, shield, and arm cannon. He has all the regular articulation of a 25th Anniversary GI Joe figure and will fit right in with your current collection. "
Just as before, Jin has included a little back story for the character:
"With the experimental temporal aperture a stable gateway between realities, more beings began coming through. This fellow was designated as a prototype of Rock and was dubbed 'Protoman' by the team. He exhibits the same bizarre ability to create functional weapons and even an impenetrable shield from his limbs. Quiet but cocky in battle, Protoman is a valuable ally when paired with Rock. Something worries the Joes however. If these are the warriors of good in their world...what were they fighting against? "
Bidding starts at a penny, shipping is $5. You can click here to bid and check out more images of the figure in a multitude of poses.

Thanks, Mac.


  1. Whoa!~ Absolutely ugly!

  2. This is totally out of place , but.... did you know that the creator of Rockman 1 and 2( designed this?

    also, the composer of Rockman 2 (ogeretsu kun) did the music! AWESOME

  3. holy shit thats cool!

  4. How does that beat the Megaman one? It's awful! The Megaman one was acceptable.

  5. lol, if protoman had been included on the megaman 1 box art, he would have looked like this.

  6. wicked! way better than Mega Man!


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