Thursday, May 7, 2009

Blast From The Past: 'Mega-Backlot Jackpot!' Sweepstakes

In 2004, Kids' WB!, former home of Mega Man NT Warrior in North America, ran a special promotional campaign to win copies of the then up and coming Mega Man Battle Network 4 and other MM goodies. All you had to do was watch NTW, spot where the "jackpot" was hidden and mail a postcard away to be entered in the sweepstakes.

Without further adieu, here's the promotional spot, courtesy of my old NTW tapes:

Makes miss NTW a wee bit.


  1. ahh...BN4, the game that started my MM carrer.

  2. ''Many will enter, few will win''

    Doesn't that sound motivating? =D

  3. Ha, I taped NTW too. I've probably got a whole bunch of other NTW promos buried. Even though NTW was already over, I was sad when my local WB channel switched to some CW thing. :\ WB was the only channel with good cartoons left... Ah well, it ended my wasting of Saturday mornings in front of the TV. XD Now I don't feel the need to watch cartoons even if they're on.

  4. I feel the same way nowadays. I didn't feel I should be into NT Warrior for the changes they made for the localization. Looking back on it now, I'm feeling I may have been hyper critical on not watching the series when it was on.

  5. Eh, the subbed original is better anyway. (This is anon1) And I'm not just being a Japan-freak. The lines don't feel rushed and cheesy and the music is better. XD

    At least they brought it over. They just could've done so much better...

  6. Oh wow. Now I'm realizing why people thought Lan's voice was bad. If I closed my eyes and heard that, I could not picture Lan.

  7. Megaman's voice is just as bad. Surfer dude-like. >_<;;

    Not only do the voices not fit, they're awful voice actors and they try to fit too many words into a short amount of time. A rather pathetic dub, but I'm grateful they at least tried.


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