Saturday, May 2, 2009

GBA Anniversary Collection Preview Build

Well what do you know, a physical copy of Mega Man Anniversary Collection, the unfortunate GBA compilation, might have at one point existed. An old Gamepro magazine preview for the game makes note of a special "preview build" for the title used for, well, previewing purposes. Check out the scan courtesy of The Great Gonzo:

It's not too uncommon for such preview builds to leak out onto the net. With that in mind, god willing, somebody will discover this puppy and dump it, ensuring a period of much rejoicing. Wishful thinking, I know...

On a related note, I wonder what Capcom had in store for that "hidden bonus game." Would have been really cool if it turned out to be Battle & Fighters, the Neo Geo Pocket port of the two arcade titles the Power Battles and the Power Fighters. Now that would be a delightful little treat.



  1. I would love Rockman: Battle and Fighters neo geo pocket color turn into English for Virtual Console. :)

  2. Pray that it will appear! XD

  3. :( That would have been such an awesome game...

  4. I think I even saw it listed in an ancient Best Buys flyer (with reused Anniversary Collection art). Back then, though, I didn't know there had been Megaman BG games, so I thought it was five of the NES games ported to the GBA.

    I'm glad I remembered that scan. /is also the Great Gonzo

  5. Rockman & Forte (Wonderswan) would be nice for the bonus game. It's disappointing that Capcom didn't follow through with this. They give us little to no hope that we will see this in the future. Luckily I have them all. I would love to be able to play the Wonderswan Rockman & Forte game. Seems like it could have been one of the best games in the original series next to MM2.

  6. Man, those borders sure are handsome.


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