Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mega Man Legends Debug Code Discovered

TauVertex of Legends Station recently whipped up a code that enables exploration of areas in Mega Man Legends that cannot normally be accessed. Pictured is an example of the code in action: here, we have Rock exploring the Servbot Kitchen on the Gesellschaft, a room that is only seen in a cutscene. Nifty, no?

For complete instructions and more examples, check out this topic right here. If you find anything interesting, be sure to post your findings in the comments!


  1. ah, so i'm not the only reverse engineer working with megaman. cool find. given that he found it for legends 1, if i were you guys, i'd expect to see him pull this off for legends 2 as well.

  2. I hope they announce Legends/Dash 3
    on E3 after seeing this I miss this megaman :>

  3. Pretty neat stuff, though I'm surprised this hadn't been discovered earlier. Basically, this reminds me of the "Beta Quest" codes from ZELDA: OCARINA OF TIME, which allow Link to move around in cutscenes and explore areas you normally could not get to.


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