Sunday, May 24, 2009

Auction: Mega Man 3 Tiger Handheld

A true gem has popped up on ebay; the highly uncommon Mega Man 3 Tiger Handheld game. Although it remains package-less, the system is in tip top condition, complete with working buttons and battery pack door.

For a simple LCD game, MM3 remains pretty faithful to the NES classic, featuring an array a familiar foes and challenges. It's not the greatest of ports, but its still very satisfying nonetheless -- and it makes a great collector's item. Read up more info on the game here.

The game will run you $99.99 plus and additional $5.99 shipping. If you feel that's a bit overpriced, the seller is willing to negotiate via the "Make Offer" option.


  1. I dunno if this is a glitch in my browser or not but I think you linked to my auction instead of the MM3 one. Might wanna mend that, but thanks for the advertising nonetheless! lol.

  2. i think i had this back in the day.

  3. I hate it. So ugly and not a video game to my point of view!

  4. @ anonymous

    it's not realy, but back then, if you were into megaman, it was one of those collectible things you had to have. i remember one kid had one of sonic the hedgehog. i used to have one of ninja turtles, pak-man, all different kinds, and this mega man thing was one of them. it may not have been a true game, but it was megaman, and to me, that was all that mattered. but then, mega man 3 was my first mega man game, and to this day, is still my favorite, so maybe that's why i like this handheld.

  5. Seriously, who decreed these are highly rare? I used to see these things on ebay all the time. True they haven't been popping up much lately, but still......I remember one a few years ago (many years after these were made though) that was sealed with a buy it now of like $20. I passed mainly because I hated these things, but also because I though it was not worth even that.


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