Wednesday, May 13, 2009

MvC2 Tron and Servbot Cosplay Up For Bidding

How friggin' cool is this? Ebay is featuring an auction for two very well done Tron (w/Gustaff) and Servbot costumes, intended for cosplaying purposes. Both are entirely homemade, featured at the Anime Central 2009 Masquerade contest. Portions of the item description:
"The cosplay took about 5 months to make with over 200 hours of work. I wore the costume and I'm 5'2 inches. My husband wore the servbot costume and he is 5'6 inches tall. I'm including EVERYTHING! that you see in the pictures (excluding Tron's black leggins which you can find anywhere) as well as extra materials."
"The green gustaff if about 20-25 pounds but it comes with straps so you can secure it in your shoulders as well as your waits. The yellow lights turn on and the gun rotates at 6 cycles per minute. The rotating machine was a disco ball motor in which I attached it to the rotating gun rounds. There is a thick clear plastic diving the battery and the motor so you can use it at your disposal. "
Full details and photos of both outfits can be found at the auction's page here.Bidding begins at hefty $850.00 with $177.25 shipping.

If you've got the cash, bid to your heart's content over here.

Credit: GoNintendo


  1. Nice constumes, but I don't quite think it's worth that much

  2. lol, I like how the quality of Gustaff is off the chart, but the servbot looks like regular cardboard. Seems like SOMEONE didn't exert equal effort in their cosplaying design.

  3. Gustaff is good. Servbot is horrible as hell and I do not know why anyone would pay for it. They are just wearing regular jeans and shoes.

  4. They just wants your money for their making. They are selfish. What they have are not capcom licensed. They are man made. Too much costly. No thanks.

  5. I saw this at ACEN! It was most amazing!!
    ...but with all that work, why would she want to sell it so suddenly...?

  6. My god... that Gustaff is f*ckin' awesome!! :O!!!

    the servbot sux, though.

  7. She probably made it with kind of a double-whammy-2-birds-with-1-stone mindset in that she needed money and liked cosplay. Outrageous price is probably so that she can maake a profit off of all that she spent to make it. (Obviously....)

  8. LOL I made the costume. It took me about 200 hours to make and $700.00 dollars. I wanted to finish the servbot costume but I ended up taking my cat to the vet for surgery and the bill came up to $1,4000.00. I couldnt afford more material for the costume. Believe me, I wanted to finish the servbot legs soo bad, but there was nothing I could do.


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