Sunday, May 24, 2009

Funimation Gets Upon A Star?

In addition to the possibility of acquiring the Ruby Spears cartoon, word has it that Funimation Entertainment also gained the license to distribute the long out of print Mega Man Upon A Star OVA, originally released by ADV Films in 2002. According to Sylar, a Funimation representative implied the acquisition at Anime Boston. Both the RS cartoon and Upon a Star were said to re-release in late 2010.

Apparently, Funimation has acquired the rights to several ADV properties over the last year, a possible indication that the company is planning on an eventual buy-out of ADV as a whole. The addition of the RS cartoon and the Upon a Star series further fuels that possibility.

Funi has yet to announce such plans via press release. Hope to hear more from this soon.

(edit: added a little clarity)


  1. So, first the may have RubySpears and now they may have Upon a Star.

    What's next? I bet it'll either be Captain N or NT Warrior..... just watch.

  2. I remember Upon a Star, I bought that DVD when it was out. It was an amusing watch.

  3. another megaman related buy god i wsh they would get the rights for MegaMan NT Warrior that series left so many loose end in the US

  4. I wish someone would entirely re-do the NT Warrior and change the name to Megaman.exe or at least Battle Network along with new dubs and better translations. I loved the show in Japan, hated it in the US. "Well hello there, Mei-lu. Apparently you are now from China..."


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