Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Bootleg Showcase

TaoBao has a massive catalog of bootleg homebrew carts, many of which have some sort of relation to Mega Man and/or Rockman. Brahman was kind enough to pass along some of the more interesting pirates, games that will definitely raise a few eyebrows.

First up is this PC game (pictured), a massive collection of classic, X, Zero and Battle Network titles with a possible port of Command Mission--that is, if the logo on the box is any indication.

Over here we have "Rockman X3" for Game Boy, complete with Rockman DASH box art. No mention of what's on the cart, however, previous X3 pirates have been known to contain this atrocity.

Another strange Game Boy game lies right here, "Rockman XD8." No idea what's on this one; the box indicates it has something to do with EXE 6 Greiga but the cartridge says otherwise with its fancy X8 label. Hilarious.

This one is a little more obscure than the rest; a Sega Mega Drive/Genesis cartridge simply titled, "Rockman." Vagueness at its finest! The label contains Zero 1 artwork but the description mentions something about Double Dragon? Very strange but pretty neat as SMD pirates aren't all too common.

Last but not least is a multicart, a "205-in-1" cartridge containing a few Rockman titles such as Zero 4 and "Rockman DX6."

If you're still hankering for more zany bootlegs, hop on over to TaoBoa and see what you can find.


  1. XD I love pirate boxart. Great finds, guys!

  2. It's weird when you see the "pirates" that are entire games not developed before! o_o Someone took the time to make it! XD

  3. There's a few PC games pretty much exclusive to China/Hong Kong as well. I think they might be official in those regions, but they sure look like bootlegs. But they carry pretty authentic content.

  4. That's why I hate pirate boxart. They always steal our money. Those people are evil and heartless, man!

  5. @Hypercoyote: Yep, there sure are some games that are official and exclusive to China, or Asia. Gauntlet over at the Mechanical Maniacs has a complete listing of them, but the main ones that are worth taking a look at sometime are ROCKMAN STRATEGY (lit. THE ROCKMAN WAR) and ROCKMAN GOLD EMPIRE. These games were licensed by Capcom to third parties (Dream Come True and Strawberry Corporation). There are a bunch of compilation games, some educational titles, etc. The rest, like DX3, etc., certainly aren't official, but some are interesting to play.


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