Sunday, May 3, 2009

Eddie Lebron Responds To Fan Questions

You asked, Eddie listened. Mr. Lebron answers your question about his upcoming live action Mega Man film. Select portions of the post:

Q.1: Will the movie be put on the site for everyone to see?

A.1: The film will be posted online for free viewing, first exclusively on Ningin, followed quickly by, and after some time has passed, the film will be hosted by various means on various sites.

Q.2: Will you put the movie on dvd so we can buy it?

There will be an option on the site in which you can request a DVD copy of the film and we send it over! The only thing you would pay for is for the disc itself (IE. the dvd we will burn the film to), shipping, and the packaging. I won’t be charging anymore since I don’t want to make a profit.

Q: What kind of music are you using? Did capcom help you out at all?

A: For the score, we are using “Megaman 2″ as the main means of influence but the goal is to capture the the quality of the scores that the early 8-bit games started while combining that into a symphonic, orchestral, and electronic hybrid score. The film will also include original music tracks and other types of tracks but most of the film will be score-based.

Capcom is not helping out (yet?) but we’ve talked with a representative from Capcom who made it clear that the film, being a fan project, is supported and encouraged.

Q.2: Will megaman absorb, and thus, change color when obtaining the weapons after defeating a robot master?

A.2: He does take the power of each of the robot masters, however, as presented in a few of the games. Remember how when a robot master was defeated, they would leave behind this little orb that you have to touch to get their power? I decided to do something similar to that.

He MAY momentarily change color when switching powers but, due to costume budget and my need to get more realistic, it was decided not to have him change a different color and stay that color based on his power.

Read the complete post here for more answers.


  1. So, when's this movie coming out again?

  2. Why do people ask stupid questions?? This fan film is horrible, indeed.

    Look at those pics!!! Whats the heck !? They looks horrible. *RUN AWAY*

  3. @cccd-erckie
    July 4th

    And too all the haters,just because this is a fan film doesn't mean it will be bad.At to all you're crying it looks nothing like megaman,think how stupid megaman's suit will look in real life.And if that doesn't brother you,I'm sorry,but they can't get a 8 year boy who sounds like a girl
    in a set of tights.I don't care if it be more like mageman,it would be a piece of crap film if it's too much like the games.

  4. Visuals aren't everything, as the entire Mega Man series itself demonstrates. What matters is the quality of the story, writing, and acting. Unless you and the rest of this film's legions of haters managed to get an advance screening, you can't say anything about any of that. You are all just being asses for the sake of being asses.

  5. In one of his answers he said that they screwed up the new Street Fighter movie again. Quite ironic and hypocritical since I feel he's doing the same with his movie.

    I wonder how he'll feel when his movie is released and everything starts talking negatively about it. He seems very confident that he's "doing it right".

  6. @Anon

    At least it will be better than Dragonball Evolution.

  7. @Anonymoose:

    We haven't seen the full film, so don't call it horrible until it's out.

    I'm ashamed that so many Megaman fans are picking apart what little of Mr. Lebron's film we've seen like they did the Ruby-Spears cartoon. It's not like either production unraveled or threatened the game canon.

    At any rate, it's nice to know that Capcom doesn't mind this project (boo, Squeenix!). Though I am curious as to who those two schmucks pictured are.

  8. FINALLY! I have been dying to see the robot masters in action. I personally like the helmet-less ones, although I will admit that I think Iceman should have had a hoodie at the least, but still I think this'll be awesome! I hope it comes out real soon.

    Also Anonymous 1, you are being incredibly judgemental over a movie you have not see, I mean most movies that have crappy trailers turn out to be the best movies. Also I doubt you can do better, if you can't do it better and you are not using constructive critism you should not even comment.

  9. You don't have to see a movie to know it's going to be awful. The previews and our knowledge of fan films is definitely enough. I'd say that I'm going to laugh my butt off when all your prissy holier-than-thou comments are wrong and movie IS awful, but I won't be around to even watch this movie. I don't want to lose my fandom of Rockman and respect for my fellow Rockman fans.

  10. You know what I absolutely ABHOR?

    When people say, "Can you do better? I didn't think so." or "If you can't do better, keep your mouth shut." Or something like that.

    People, HELLO! You don't have to do better to say that something is bad! Good grief! That isn't logic!

    I have no feelings toward the movie itself one way or the other. We will see how it plays out. :)

  11. I like how most people will say that a video game movie will suck before it hits theater. Yet if a fan does it and it is about Mega Man people will viciously try to fellate the director.

    "At to all you're crying it looks nothing like megaman,think how stupid megaman's suit will look in real life."

    That is the god damn point. It will always look terrible in live action. This version does too. People bitched that Chun-Li wasn't in her costume in the movie (among other things). How it looks is always important.

    People always have the right to judge a movie by it's trailer. Everyone does it. If the trailer is bad then it is a bad representation of the movie. Or a good one, and the movie is just bad.

  12. Because it's a MegaMan movie, I'll probably end up watching it, even if it just for laughs and/or groans.
    I will admit, it doesn't look all that amazing, and with a bigger special effects budget, they might've been able to do better. But, considering what Mr. Lebron is working with, it probably could be a lot worse. All the same, at least he's doing SOMETHING.
    So, thank you Anonymous #2, for the answer.

  13. To you Anon 5, I didn't say don't say anything, I said if you can't do it better you need consructive critism. Saying it sucks has no means to spark a positive disscussion or help the person who created said suckish material.


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