Wednesday, May 27, 2009

One More E3 Hint From Capcom's Twitter *UPDATE 2*

"This franchise has never appeared on this hardware" says Capcom's official Twitter.

Oh such a tease! Well, let's take a look at the clues we got, shall we?

- It's from an established IP (franchise)
- It is an action game
- Game is produced by Capcom Japan
- It is not a remake

The MM franchise has appeared on all current gen consoles thus far, so the probability of it being related to MM is, unfortunately, rather slim.

UPDATE: Sven has withdrawn his recent statement:

" Update... and apologies.

The thing I thought was the other game we were announcing is in fact, not being announced at E3 (the plan changed, it's being announced later). So that last game is not something you know anything about and hopefully, it will be a complete surprise. So I was wrong. You may resume speculation/your frenzy of excitement. "

Does this change anything for you?

UPDATE 2: Yet another hint, one that totally slipped under my radar; on May 21st, Capcom told CuriousGamer the following:

"It’s a title fans have been waiting for, everyone will have to wait until E3 to find out what the secret title exactly is but we can tell it is definitely not Devil May Cry 5."

Oh boy.


  1. More and more sure about Monster Hunter.

  2. hopefully zx3 the could at least said wat system but if they did it would probily be ovious so who knows

  3. Well, MH3 is pretty much adventure game... So, I have no idea. I'll just wait for E3.

  4. Maybe it's Maverick Hunter X 2! Hehe, I wish.

  5. Not Monster Hunter, especially not a MH3/MHG localization.

    Remember, this title NEVER appeared on (blank) hardware. This would have applied to MH and Wii months ago but not anymore.

    it's something else

  6. Monster Hunter Frontier: Online's a PC title. So I can see them referring to this.

    If the game they plan to reveal isn't an entirely new game.

  7. Possibly, but didn't Capcom US say that they wouldn't release anymore MH titles here until they see the results of Unite sales? It's there "experiment" to see if the franchise will sell in the west

  8. Well, Megaman's been on all the platforms, so that means it's ruled out. They said franchise, so you can't expect Legends. That's one of the series in the Megaman franchise.

    Hopes shattered.

  9. MaverickHunterAshMay 27, 2009 at 3:51 PM

    Anon 4 --

    Mega Man's technically never appeared on the Wii, 360, or PS3. I'm not convinced that WiiWare, XBLA, and PSN count.

  10. BUT, capcom us has been known to refer to individual MM series as franchises

  11. Sounds more like Monster Hunter 3 but I doubt it,

    "This franchise has never appeared on this hardware"

    Unless they are counting downloadable games as a full game, Rockman 9 is on all systems so I don't think it would be any new Rockman game.

    Its not like there's many games to guess,

  12. MML3 fits into the later allegation of it being "something we already know about."

    Is it a game that's development is public knowledge or just something that has been publicly discussed?

  13. If downloadable games count towards that condition, then Mega Man's still in the game. Otherwise, I can only hope for Strider 3.

  14. MaverickHunterAsh, if we were speaking technically, then they have been on all the consoles. There's no reason to distinguish between the retail and downloadable media in this setting. :D

    At any rate, pedantics aside, Capcom wouldn't say something like this and then have it be a Rockman game. That's absurd.

    "We tricked you...! Hahaha...! We said the franchise had never appeared on the console before, but that game was from only ONE of the Megaman franchises and downloadable games don't count. ;D"

    Yea, sure. :P

  15. I still don't understand the ruling out of Monster Hunter 3.

    --LBD "Nytetrayn"

  16. I doubt it's a MM game. They wouldn't announce it on E3 and if they did they definitely wouldn't make such a fuss. MM isn't mainstream enough for that.
    I'm starting to think, Devil May Cry on Wii

  17. Don't you guys think it is MML3? Remember Capcom can apply it on the wii...

  18. A MegaMan game hasn't appeared on PS3, 360 or Wii yet. Hope could still be high, but only a few more days will tell.

  19. So Rockman 9 doesn't count? Yes it does. Rockman has appeared on all three consoles.

    DS and PSP have definitely had Rockman games.

  20. (Popular) Capcom franchises that have not appeared on...

    ... the Wii:
    Ace Attorney, Devil May Cry, Lost Planet, Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, Breath of Fire, Viewtiful Joe

    ... the X-Box 360 and PS3:
    Ace Attorney, Okami, Darkstalkers, Breath of Fire, Viewtiful Joe

    ... the PSP:
    Dead Rising, Lost Planet, Okami, Ace Attorney, Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, VS series

    ... the DS:
    Street Fighter, Dead Rising, Lost Planet, Okami, Devil May Cry, Darkstalkers, Breath of Fire, VS series

    UNLESS Capcom considers Mega Man spin-off separate, it is pretty much the only major Capcom franchise that has appeared onto every system.

    However, we have to keep in mind that Mega Man 9 only got a Wii release in Japan. But I agree that Mega Man unfortunately isn't mainstream enough for such a hyped announcement.

    I can't help but think it's going to be a Resident Evil title on the PSP...

  21. It could be devil may cry for the psp,1 we all know about it,and 2 its a adventure game.

  22. Your Deducing, Neighborhood Met.May 27, 2009 at 8:12 PM

    Alright, let's deduce the facts (Puts on Layton hat).

    -It's from an established IP.
    That rules out nothing, as we do not have Capcom insiders telling us about new IP's.

    -It's an action game.
    Rules out any and all Street Fighter series, Darkstalkers, Rival Schools, 1943, Puzzle Fighter, etc... (Possibly Final Fight as well, as that could be considered fighting...)

    -Game Produced by Capcom japan
    Don't really know if this rules any franchises out or anything...

    -It is not a remake.
    They haven't specified if it's not a port (Some consider ports remakes), so it could simply be a Cross-Porting (RE5 for Wii, Zack&Wiki for PS3, Dead Rising for PSP, and so on...)

    -It is somthing we already know about.
    This could mean many things. It could mean that it's a currently released game, or a well-publisized upcoming one. It could also mean a Japanese release that we westeners know about (MH3, for example)

    -This franchise has never appeared on this hardware.

    From the remaning:
    MegaMan has been on Wii,360,PS3,DS and PSP. Not on PC (By Capcom, I mean).
    Dead Rising's been on Wii,PS3,360 and I think PC as well. Not DS or PSP.
    Resident evil's been on all systems except PC and I think PSP.
    MHunter's been on Wii (Japan) and PSP. I'm not really in touch with MH, so I wouldn't know if it's been on PS3,360,DS or PC.
    Lost Planet's been on PS3,360 and PC. Hasen't been on Wii or DS, And I don't think it's been on PSP either.
    Bionic Comando's been on 360,PS3 and PC. Not Wii,DS or PSP.
    DMC has been on PS3, and to my knowledge (Sadly know very little about DMC) hasn't been on any other platform.

    And excluding REALLY OLD series, these are the only remaining options:
    MegaMan for PC.
    Dead Rising for DS or PSP.
    Resident Evil for PSP or PC.
    Monster Hunter for PS3,360,DS or PC
    Lost Planet for Wii,DS, or PSP.
    Bionic Commando for Wii,DS or PSP
    Devil May Cry for 360,DS, Wii or PC.

    And if you got through that wall of deducting text, you get a cookie. :P

  23. Well this changes things completely. It could be X9!

  24. I hope its X9 on the lost planet engine with cell shadeing like Command mission, only better.

  25. Well, that update reaffirms my hopes for Onimusha 5. Still not holding my breath, but a guy can dream, right?

  26. Now there playing with us >.<

    I'm starting to come around to the Legends 3 Rumor. I don't think it would be a X game seeing as X is a Platformer not Adventure/Action.

  27. MaverickHunterAshMay 28, 2009 at 2:16 AM

    It's a title "fans have been waiting for?"

    Well, let's see. Resident Evil fans just got Resident Evil 5, Street Fighter fans just got Street Fighter IV and HD Remix, Bionic Commando fans just got Rearmed and the new game, and yes, Mega Man Classic fans just got Mega Man 9. I haven't heard too many Devil May Cry or Onimusha crying very much for a new title in their respective series either, at least not yet.

    Oh man. Given all of this... it really could be Legends 3. I don't want to dare to dream, but... damn. It could be. What else have "fans been waiting for" from Capcom? All the fans of their biggest IPs have gotten big sequels recently. In my mind, that leaves Legends 3, X9, or yes, a new Onimusha... but again, I haven't heard of too much demand for that.

    Oh, please. Please, please, please let it be Legends 3. Please.

  28. Well, in my previous post, I meant no MegaMan game has appeared physically on the three platforms. They were downloadable titles and I am sure that counts for something, but its time to bring Mega Man into the next gen, which is now pretty much the current gen. MM9 was nice, nostalgic fanservice but its time for them to show how mega MegaMan can get.

  29. Guys, don't forget that Gyakuten Saiban/Ace Attorney is Capcom, also.

    So this could be the Edgeworth game localization?

  30. I still don't believe it's a Megaman game. You're all getting worked up and are going to be disappointed. There are too many things going against it.

    I don't ever listen to Sven anymore anyway.

  31. What about Clock Genius from Coco Coro? It must be a Mega Man game, as it's "something we already know about", but which series? Mega Man 10, X9, Z5, ZXABC, DASH 3, a spin-off from one of the 7 series or a new series?

  32. Distaffected --

    A localization of the Miles Edgeworth game was already announced at Captivate '09.

  33. It's Devil May Cry 5. Duh.

  34. "it is not DMC5"

  35. @ Turian, nah, not so fast, how could they develop another dmc when dmc 4 just came out last year?

    I'm guessing a Mega Man game, but on Wii, PS3, and 360, but I prefered Wii and PS3. Well, Mega Man has been on DS for so long, so I want Mega Man to kinda move on a little.

  36. we just gotta wait and see what it REALLY IS people. . .

  37. So, after taking another look at the list of Sequels that Japan Wants, partly because it the game is being developed by Capcom Japan *Might be related, I honestly don't know*, and my top three guesses are going to be.

    1.Breath of Fire: DS, Wii, PS3, or X-box 360

    2.Rockman Dash: Any current gen

    3.Rockman X: Any current gen again

  38. it might as well be rockman 4.5 translated into dsiware.


  39. DMC5 is gud one and theres a added playable character from MML :)

  40. Im exited >_< cant w8 of the coming E3...
    I hope Dr.Light with Ryu custume is playable...

  41. Comments, TL;DR

    Capcom, do your thing.

    MML3, please.

  42. Sony had just announced Resident Evil: Portable for the PSP during their Sony E3 Conference. I don't see it listed any list of Capcom's E3 lineup, so I am going to assume that Resident Evil: Portable is the second mystery game... Don't pray its not.

  43. if it is Biohazard for PSP, i'm disappointed since Biohazard 5 came out recently.


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