Monday, May 4, 2009

Japan Really Wants X and DASH Sequels

A recent survey conducted by Famitsu asked its readers to rank which franchise sequels they're craving to see most. Surprise, surprise, sequels to Rockman X and Rockman DASH made the cut -- DASH at number 7, X at number 13:

1. Sakura Taisen (aka Sakura Wars) 267 votes
2. Shenmue 249 votes
3. Okami 204 votes
4. Gotchaforce 189 votes
5. Xenogears 185 votes
6. Breath of Fire 180 votes
7. Rockman Dash 176 votes
8. Ogre Battle 174 votes
9. Chikyuu Boueigun (aka Earth Defence Force) 162 votes
10. Kowloon's Gate 151 votes
11. Shinobido 141 votes
12. Demon's Souls 123 votes
13. Rockman X 110 votes

Whether Capcom is aware of these numbers is anybody's guess. In any case, I'm very happy to see DASH in the top ten, incredibly reassuring to know the Japanese demand is still there after all these years.

View the complete poll at Kotaku.


  1. Looks like more people than just us want sequels to X and DASH. Hopefully with that poll means we might see something soon.

  2. Nice. Keep the voice strong, fans! Hopefully Capcom is listening.

    Nice to see Shenmue and Okami on the top three. Two great games.

  3. i have to say, i doesnt really look like it was noticed by the readers that much, only 200 or so votes for no.1...
    Capcom may listen, but it doesnt look like a major thing. I hope they do though.

  4. Well, if Capcom didn't know about it, they do now. You can be sure that they visit your blog, Protodude.

  5. OMFG! The Ogre Battle fans are still alive! O_O


    Ahem! Wow! I'm impressed... I thought Japan only cares for the EXE and Ryuusei franchises. =/

    There's hope...

  6. I support that poll.

    goddamn, I would BUY a copy of MML3... even if I can pirate all of my games, ;_;

  7. I bet a lot of this has to do with the revival of Rockman Volnutt in Tatsunoko v Capcom. Actually I got a chance to play it since I'm in Japan, and he kicks some serious ass, they need to localize it ASAP

    Great news though!

  8. So, apparently either Star Force and EXE have started to lose some fans, or everyone really misses X and DASH. Capcom better be looking at this, and get on with making some of these sequels! I really do miss seeing X and Trigger in action.

  9. Awesome! I really miss Dash series and X series. Beside Mega Man 9, Capcom was making only ZX and SSR series for few years. I will definitely buy X9 or MML3

  10. @ megamanXTI
    actually this pole was only for dead series i don't think any had a sequel on a current gen console. so megaman exe and SF are simply "living" series and not included.

    oh and: GO GOTCHAFORCE!!!

  11. "i have to say, i doesnt really look like it was noticed by the readers that much, only 200 or so votes for no.1..."

    Judging from the wording of Kotaku's report, you only get to vote for one series. Add all of them up, and... I'd say that might be considered significant as far as magazine polls in Japan come.

  12. Why are people relating this to EXE and SF? People's want for MML and X has nothing to do with EXE or SF. :P There's no rule that says you have to like one OR the other. Are you all just saying that to rag on those series? Good grief.


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