Thursday, May 28, 2009

Star Force 3 Satellite Server Update

The Satellite Server received a slight update the other day, enabling visitors to view character profiles of the SF3 cast. The profiles are available on the "third level" of the server. Clicking on one of the six icons gives you detailed schematics on that character's respective Wave Form and abilities.

Check it out here.


  1. URL is messed up.

  2. it's all looking v.good, but Megaman's details are just that of the project tc's description on the 4th level.
    Also it says mention Shooting Star Rockman.. odd, unless they are going to keep the japanese voice artists in, which would make sense when going under the transformation, or the fact about the Shooting Star Server, otherwise most people wouldnt know why it was called that?

    ah i dunno :)

  3. I've never gotten into this series, but I noticed that too - it says "Shooting Star Rockman (Mega Man)" on the site. Interesting.

  4. that is strange. perhaps it is about time vioces are not cut from the game. I mean, what company does that deliberately with no gain?

  5. There were a few EXE and SSR moments that showed shoddy translation. The website isn't nearly as important, so the priority is even smaller. I doubt it's a clue. Why would they do that if they left in the voices?

  6. It means the original voices have a reference. In MMNT, the voices stayed, yet characters were called by their Japanese names but written in their English names. Maybe this will serve as a guide.


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