Friday, May 15, 2009

GT Anthology - a Look Back On Mega Man

Newcomers to the Mega Man franchise will certainly appreciate GameTrailer's latest anthology outing, a look back on the first Mega Man game in the classic series, focusing in on little factoids and trivia in relation to the title.


  1. Pretty good video, despite a couple minor errors (it was Monstropolis, not Megapolis; and he had the "Plasma Cannon," or "P," until MM4). Have they done videos specifically for the other games yet?

  2. Not yet, this is there very first MM video.

  3. Megaman music is so classic.

    I think the name Rockman is a lot cooler though, too bad it had to be changed.

  4. @Anoymous 1: Capcom of America did not have to change it, they chose to because they didn't want people confused. "He doesn't look like a rock, or throw them... why is it Rockman!!!"
    The same goes for Blues, he wasn't blue so they thought it would confuse people even though his name was a musical genre and irony.

  5. Well, that's stupid. O_o Anyone with half a brain can figure out that Rockman, Roll, and Blues all fit a certain theme. @_@

    Megaman sounds pretty cheesy.


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