Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mega Man Rises In 'Robot Hall of Fame' Poll *UPDATED*

It's amazing what a little word of mouth can do. Two days ago, it was announced that Mega Man scored a nomination for induction in the Carnegie Mellon University Robot Hall of Fame, representing only 2% of the vote. Since then, the Blue Bomber jumped drastically in the rankings, all thanks to you.

As of this writing, Mega holds the number three position with 11% of the vote, just behind Maillardet's Automaton (13%) and Futurama's Bender (42%). An astounding leap indeed.

Can we get him all the way to number one? Do your part and vote!

UPDATE: Mega Man has risen to number two, holding 15% of the vote. Keep it up!


  1. I think it has something to do with articles on major sites.

    Yesterday when I voted, Megaman was at 6%.

    The article appeared at Kotaku today, and he jumped straight to 12%.

  2. Nice to see Mega Man make quite a huge jump. I already voted for him =D

  3. Vote everyone! Vote! Rockman deserves this!

  4. Now he is second after I vote or other vote.

  5. Mega Man is on second place now, awesome!

  6. This is a charade, Mega Man isn't even a sci-fi character.

  7. Keep in mind you can vote once per day, so try to throw a vote in every day!


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