Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rockman X2 Re-released Onto Japanese Mobile Phones

Gpara is reporting that the mobile phone version of Rockman X2 saw yet another re-release in Japan today, this time for SoftBank and EZ Web services.

Based on the screenshots, the title looks largely unchanged from its home console counterpart other than the expected reduction in aspect ratio. If you so happen to have the means of obtaining the game, you can do so for a measly 315 Yen (plus tax).

I wonder, will mobile phone services outside of Japan ever get some X series love? We've got plenty of classic series ports, it's high time we got something.


  1. I can't think of any US mobile phones that would be good for gaming... except the iPhone which obviously isn't catered toward this type of game.

  2. You could just play the game on your iPhone via ZodTTD's SNES emulator, which does a pretty good job (his NES emulator apparently did a MUCH better job than the official mobile port of the game, and I've been playing around with it on my iPhone for a while now). I'd recommend it for about any SNES game you want to play, although the speed is not quite 100% on all the games (I'm hoping he boosts it up in later versions).

  3. Yeah, most mobile phones are not gamer friendly, except for games like sudoku...

  4. I dont understand why they go ahead with mobile phones?!

    Mosy mobile phones are not gamer friendly so why bother ? Jeez!


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