Saturday, May 2, 2009

Seth Killian Teases Undiscovered Mega Man 9 Secret

While chatting with Destructoid's Johnathan Holmes, Seth Killian continued to withhold knowledge of the "undiscovered" Mega Man 9 secret, teasing us once more:

"People are looking too hard, and also not hard enough. That will sound ridiculous until someone figures out what it means, at which point it will sound profound. Actually everyone already just hates this “secret” so I’m guaranteed to be hated in any event, but there it is."

Oh we're looking hard alright, anyone who's taken a gander at the insanity going down at Capcom-Unity's forums can agree with that statement. But, we're still not looking hard enough....

At this rate, I have a feeling this little nugget of a secret will be haunting us for years to come.

Read up on the full interview here which includes a little talk of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom localization.

News Credit: GoNintendo


  1. Your Friendly, MM9 owning, Neigborhood Met.May 2, 2009 at 6:17 PM

    You know, this just dawned on me....

    Maybe this "Secret" is one of those Easter eggs we already know about?
    No one has told Seth that we've found any of them, unless I'm mistaken.

  2. I just noticed that...the song used in Wily Stage 2 sounds different in the Wii version that the one used in the Xbox 360 version...go, listen and compare, maybe that's the secret ^^...or maybe it's just a audio flaw?

  3. You know, I wouldn't be surprise if someone found the "secret" but thought it wasn't it.

    As for me, I couldn't even pass one stage of the game yet, and I brought it when it came out. So, I'm not even going to try to find the secret.

  4. Hey, that "audio" stuff is in the stage select song too O.O...

    Maybe the Xbox 360 version (and the PS3 version?) used the songs from the OST and the Wii version didn't? If that's the case...why? Is there something special about the Wii version?

  5. Seth is playing with us, no doubt. I don't mind - he gave details about unlocking secret chars on SFIV, and the excuse was "they are part of game core". No dice. Why such pleasure of holding a Green Skater, a Flying Cat or the Weapon Throwing in a very old Mega Man? :(

    Did you watch Kung Fu Panda, regarding the Dragon Scroll' secret? Sounds exactly the same situation.

  6. wait a minute, he mentions the word hard like it means something. anyone bother messing arround much with the concrete shot or concrete man's stage? from what i hear, endless mode borrows from previous mega man games, maybe there are some hard man stage parts that need investigating? or maybe, you CAN finish endless mode?

  7. If we're "looking too hard", then it's no "stage-inside-stage" or something random that pops up once over a million times, like a secret enemy or a date-related event...

    If we're "not looking hard enough", maybe it's something TOO familiar to care looking at. I stick to Fabiano's belief...but still, that audio issue I said is really weird XD

  8. Not trying hard enough, I know. Seth probably doesn't know the challenges. Could you be harder than all those challenges? I dunno. Some of them are:

    - Don't miss with the mega buster.
    - Fight for 15 minutes against a boss.
    - Beat all the 8 bosses with the mega buster.
    - Beat the game 5 times in a day.

    Now, tell me: still harder than those things?

  9. Maybe the designers snuck in Hardman somewhere.

  10. A cat? Like Tango?? :D

  11. I will say it again since my last comment must not have made it through.

    Am I the only one who doesn't care?

  12. Fabiano - Those are easy compared to the ones like 'beat the game without getting hit' and the like. I could do the 15 min with no problem, just pick a boss that is easy to dodge and take a break every 5 minutes so you don't get worn out. But crap, beat the game without taking a hit? I could barely beat wily using 3 energy tanks!

  13. This may have already been discovered, but here goes:

    In the intro scene when Dr. Wily is on the TV the number of his swiss bank account appears: 198 - 71 - 217

    Well if you remove the hyphens you are left with 19871217, or December 17, 1987...which, of course, was the exact day that Rockman was released for the Famicom.


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