Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mega Man Rocks The Robot Hall Of Fame

God speed Mega Man; the little guy continues to rise in the official Robot Hall of Fame induction poll, currently placed at number two with 22% of the vote. Yes sir, we've come a long way from that less than stellar 2%.

If you want to dethrone the current leader, Bender (36%), then add your tally to the vote here.


  1. Optimus Prime totally deserves it more, to be objective & honest. Oh well.

  2. um i'm trying to vote for megaman but it says it needs the link what is the link to megaman?

  3. Optimus Prime Shmoptmus Shmime. Transformers is awful. Rockman for the win!

  4. How is that objective? O_o

  5. Wow, Mega Man really cleaned up in such a short period of time. Now he just needs to collect enough votes to dethrone Bender. You can do it, Mega Man!

  6. "Optimus Prime Shmoptmus Shmime. Transformers is awful. Rockman for the win!"

    You have some awful tastes mixed in with some good tastes. You're like a cake baked with the most delicious frosting & some rotten eggs. Bittersweet.

    "How is that objective? O_o"

    Because Mega Man is my favorite, but Optimus Prime has been more influential, accomplished more on a greater scale, & is a wonderful role model of a leader.

    &, let's be honest, as much as I like Mega Man, he's simply an Astro Boy rip-off, whereas Optimus is an original concept that justifiably took off from the get go.

  7. @Anon #1 - You don't have to put anything in the link, that is mainly for the first nomination. Once a robot is on the list, you don't have to put that anymore. It's just a link to a page with info on Megaman, but whoever nominated him put something there already.

    Also, remember you can vote once per day!

  8. I was wondering why I was allowed to vote a second time. I thought I had read that it was once per computer, which is a strange measurement.


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