Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mega Man Rush Marine iPhone Bound?

Mega Man Rush Marine is coming down the pike, a brand new side scrolling shooter for mobile platforms. Which mobile platform? Unfortunately, Capcom's fact sheet didn't specify, but if the the screenshots are any indication, Rush Marine might be headed to Apple's iPhone.

According to 1Ups Jeremy Parish, the screenshots for the title run 480 x 320 in size, the precise resolution of an iPhone/iPod touch screen.
"I couldn't help but notice that the resolution on these Mega Man: Rush Marine screens I found over at Siliconera just happen to be sized at 480x320. By a funny coincidence, that's the exact resolution of the iPhone's screen."

"In case you didn't know, the iPhone has some pretty solid shooters available for it. Rush Marine seems like a perfect fit, don't you think? Its retro-favored graphics (taken largely, though not entirely, from Mega Man 3) would be super-crisp on the iPhone's screen. Plus, unlike all your crazy Japan-only superphones, the iPhone is available to just about everyone in the world... and for those who can't own one, there's always the iPod Touch.
An iPhone release sounds likely, but bear in mind that the screenshots for RM are conceptual images according to Capcom's press room; it might not reflect the final product.

Whatever the case, Capcom's mobile group will be at E3, so expect to hear more Rush Marine info within the week.


  1. Well, crap. I don't plan on getting an iPhone any time soon.

  2. oh my god, what a horrible graphics that game has, and it´ll be launched to the iphone?? hahaha, i have a SE w580i and i swear i have better graphic-looking games than that one, c´mon capcom, i know you can do it way better!!

    1. Come on! This game is just 8 bit. Keep your mind open, jeez!

  3. Are there any good iPhone game emulators yet?

  4. Bad graphics, Anon? Did you also hate Mega Man 9 because the graphics were bad?

  5. jastiaan, maybe you´re referring to another anonymous user, ´cause i haven´t say such a thing

  6. @Anon1: Yes, bad graphics, but mainly because it's a mish-mash of graphics due to its mixing NES-era graphics with its own customized stuff (while not HORRIBLE, it is rather clunky looking).

    Yes, they could put this on the iPhone, with tap-and-drag controls, but as Proto said, this is still conceptualized so that resolution was just what they chose at the time. Even if they chose to put it on the iPhone, I'm guessing it will hit other phone platforms since it looks rather easy to port.

  7. I'd buy it as WiiWare for up to 200 points.


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