Sunday, May 3, 2009

Zero vs. Colonel In Memorial Hall

With a little hacking, Bowsersenemy managed to create an unlikely scenario in Mega Man X4 -- Zero vs. Colonel in gameplay form. Originally, Zero's duel with Colonel is depicted in FMV only. Pretty cool fight until things get a little screwy with the programming:


  1. I defeated Colonel very easy... over 7 years ago!

  2. So Colonel was actually Sigma! I KNEW IT!

    It's funny how nonsensical quotes pop up before and after the fights. XD

  3. 7 years ago...How 'bout around 12 years ago? Anyway, yeah, the quotes are very nonsensical - maybe he is really Sigma (or the General, in one of the random quotes)... :P

  4. Nice, but too bad they didn't use the Colonel and General boss music. I much prefer that song.


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