Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This Zero Is Made Out Of Win (And Beads)

If you're looking for something to decorate your wall with, then check out this handsomely made 32-bit Zero at Etsy, constructed entirely out of Perler beads! (and a little bit of Nabi and Hamm)

"My bead sprites offer superior quality. I use Perler, Nabi and Hamma beads for an optimized color palate. Also, all of my finished bead art is mounted on black foam core and then cut out around the shape of the original bead art to give each piece optimal support and durability.

This particular piece has a wall hanging clasp attached to the back for easy wall mounting. "

Impressive. I've seen my fair share of 8-bit Perler art but never have I laid eyes on 32-bit goodness like this. You can purchase this beauty here for $24.99. Best move quickly too, there's only one left in stock!

Shipping is limited to the US, but if you live elsewhere, contact the seller to strike a deal.

Thanks, Haman.


  1. I've made plenty of 8- and 16-bit bead sprites, but that one...wow, it's simply amazing. I might have to attempt making my own!

  2. I have seen tons of Perler etc pixel art as well but you are right, this one does have a superior quality. The shading is simply outstanding. If I had the extra cash, I might go for it. Awesome.


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