Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Over the weekend, a friend of mine introduced me to a little known Dreamcast game by the name of Segagaga, aka "SGGG."

The year is 2025, and Sega is in pickle. The company is losing money and market share to the likes of the sinister Dogma Corporation. (What? Sega in financial trouble? Unthinkable!)

Desperate for a help, the company concocts a brilliant scheme of turning over the entire operation to a teenage boy. With the fate of the company resting on his shoulders, "Tarou Sega" sets out to increase the company's market share to 100% within the span of three years. How? By defeating rival game producers in typical RPG fashion.

Throughout the course of the game, Tarou is able to "produce" games for Sega, some of which have no relation to Sega but bear a semblance to games featured on the Sony Playstation, Sega's biggest contender at the time. One such title is Rokujoman, a reference to--you guessed it, Rockman. Apparently the name "Rokujoman" is a pun on Rockman, with "rokujo" meaning an "arrangement of tatami mats." Yeah, pretty bizarre.

While many of the games created within SGGG can be played, Rokujoman cannot, it's limited to artwork only (pictured). As such, one is left only to imagine what kind of hilarity the game would have brought us.

For more info about SGGG, read up on Hard Core 101's writeup here.


  1. Hot damn, something I completely didn't know.

    I assume this game never came stateside?

  2. Yup, never came here. Fortunately, there is a gentlemen working on a english patch

  3. I trust you'll let us know when that's finished, probably complete with a cross reference to this article? You're pretty damned good with that.

  4. Haha, love the exchange of comments there.

    Funnily enough, I've had "Rockman" in Japanese translate into the Romaji "Rockujuman" before with translation sites. Weird.

  5. Protodude, you have the best blog ever, BTW. Just wanted to let you know.

  6. It's based in the cover of Rockman 2 for PlayStation from the Rockman Complete Works remakes!

  7. Well, actually, the name would be "Rokujouman" romanized. 六畳 = rokujou = 6 tatami mats

  8. Your friendly,neighborhood MatoolMay 26, 2009 at 9:03 PM

    In an alternate universe, I can just hear the fans screaming for "Rokujoman Dush 3"...

  9. @ Your friendly,neighborhood Matool: Yeah and Rokujoman would be a Cleaner unit instead of a Purifer.

  10. I own Segagaga, and I've had it since the release. It's wonderful. ^.^
    I love how you're able to fight all the Sega consoles on the last level. :3

  11. @Pluvius: Virtual Boy is from Nintendo. Here is a video of the final boss fight :)


    And the Rockman 2 PSX cover:

  12. "@Pluvius: Virtual Boy is from Nintendo."

    Even Funky Bowling?

  13. I know this is old, but the site moved and the links are broken. Here is the new link:


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