Sunday, May 3, 2009

Strange Mega Man Cartridge Surfaces

An interesting auction has popped up on "Chase the Chuck Wagon" in the form a self proclaimed "rare" variant of the Mega Man 1 cartridge containing five screws rather than the standard three holding the cartridge together. Make of this what you will:

"What you see is what you get. Rumored to exist for years, finally uncovered last year by myself, and recently confirmed as a legitimate variant when another was discovered in the wild by user "hybrid" at I've compared the back-labels and internals with hybrid's, and the chips are a date-match: they're brothers, and neither is a fake."

As of this writing, bidding is currently at $81.11 with thirteen bids. Wow. All this for two extra screws? That's hardcore.


  1. Whoopee, the cartridge has extra screws. I have no idea why they would pay so much for something so unremarkable.

  2. 2 extra screws? what a big difference that is /sarcasm

  3. maybe the cartridge hold the last rockman 9 secret....

  4. Early carts did contain Famicom cart converters. The tell-tale signs are an extra set of screws which may or may not be Nintendo security screws, and a difference in weight.
    This cart may be one of those, and it may not.
    The high price must mean there is something more to it than just one extra screw.

  5. Not all 5 screw cards contained the famicom converter. Believe me, I scoured 5 screw carts looking for one before giving up and getting one off ebay.

    I never noticed a matching stamp between the PCB and the cartridge case like this guy mentions in the auction. IMO, I would say someone peeled the sticker off a 3 screw case and put it on a 5 screw case. That would explain a bit why two of the corners are peeled up. I've never peeled a label off an NES cart, so I have no idea what it does the the label when you do that or how easy it comes off. Just my opinion.


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