Sunday, February 8, 2009

SSR3 Tops 200k, DASH Value Pack Debuts

Well, it finally made it: Shooting Star Rockman 3 hit the 200,000 sales unit mark last week with the help of an additional 4,000 units. Quite an accomplishment. The Rockman DASH Value Pack also charted last week with a measly 1,900 units. This shouldn't come as a surprise after all, it's merely a repackaging.


  1. It's great to see SSR3 doing well. I wish they would have released the PSP Dash games over here though. I know it wouldn't take that much time and resources too since they've already translated the game before.

    Ah well, at least I still have the originals.

  2. I've been said that the Dash repackaging isn't that hot - is it true that the image ratio is forced on squashed 16:9?

  3. Legendary Hoamaru-

    The reason they don't release them over here is because Sony has a rule saying that in order for any remake to be release over here it must have a significant amount of new stuff.That way developers can't just port their old psx games for a quick buck.

  4. I wonder why they just don't release the DASH games out here as well. Many DASH fans would have field day over DASH's first rerelease since the Playstation days. God knows I would get a PSP just for them, even if I still have the original ones.

    And great to hear SSR3 topped the 200K sales point. Now we just have to wait and see how much it'll sell once it's released here in the US as well.

  5. I wonder - what does matter for a game success in sales: the number of sold units or the time to sell the expected number of units?

    You know, example, selling 200k copies in 2 weeks might be different than selling the same amount in 2 months. Since Capcom (of Japan) is worried about sales, how do they analyse the sales x time?

  6. Well, the Dash series on PSP couldn't come over here because they are afraid that it isn't appealing to PSP gamers or it doesn't sell well enough like MMX:MH and MMPU. But Capcom should just market the Dash series in states as a niche title.

  7. 2009 may be the best Rockman/MegaMan year yet!

    Get off your blue ass, Rockman~! For everlasting peace!


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