Tuesday, February 17, 2009

SSR3 Makes Japan's Top Selling Software of '08...

Weekly Famitsu has compiled its annual game sales data for 2008, listing the top 100 selling games of this. So, where do Shooting Star Rockman 3 place? Number 75 with 174,426 units. Ouch. Notably, that number applies only to the Red Joker version, meaning Black Ace didn't even chart. Double ouch. In previous years, Rockman games placed fairly high in the mid thirties to forties.

Look on the bright side, at least it made it in the list.

News Credit: PS3hyper


  1. The SSR/RnR franchise is over. Fact.

  2. So if you were to combine the sales of both versions, where would it place?

  3. If VGChartz's number is true (200k), then it would be around the 60's or so.

  4. mmm... Still i could see a fourth opus in the serie. I really liked the 1 and the 2, not played the thrid but i know i'll like it ... even better than the second one ^^

    I bet many people abandoned the game because they didn't like the second one. If you ask me, the first is really better than the second. The forms where so-so ( that's a personal point of view, of course ! ) and even if i enjoyed seeing nessy, solo / burai and that kung fu goat, the theme of the Oopart seemed a bit off to me ...

    Now i just have a single and fanboy-ish question : What's next ? Sequels ? from ZX/A ? from Ryusei ? A new rpg ( come on, i discovered the blue boy while playing ExE, and that kind of mega-games CAN'T die ... ) ? Or a more classical plateform / adventure ?

    God, Make it the 24th of may nao so i wouldn't be so anxiously refreshing protodude and ( dead ? ) undersquare's page every 5 minutes ... xD

    -A fan in need

  5. This does not bode well for SSR's future. But we have yet to see what Capcom does. They always surprise us. (For better or worse)

  6. Isn't Inafune occupied with Dead Rising 2 at the moment? If so, then if there's any Rockman title coming our way, it's most likely a ZX/RnR title. Any other series would probably have a highly prioritized project like RM9, unless it's a spin-off. Possible a crossover, but I'd be skeptical if Inafune isn't involved...personally wouldn't want another Castlevania Judgment...

  7. Maybe I'm mistaken, but I though Inafune-san wasn't always too involved with the Rockman games any more. He oversees them, but I don't think he spends so much time with them that making other big projects is hindered.


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