Saturday, February 28, 2009

Did the PS3 Influence the Link PET Design?

Ever notice the design similarities between Sony's PlayStation 3 and Rockman EXE 6's "Link PET EX?" I sure did...

When you put both devices side by side (horizontally), you'll notice a couple similarities:

-Both are convexed in shape, the bodies resting upon a "base:" The PET's being the battery compartment, the PS3's being the optional output sources (USB ports, HDMI port, etc.)

-Both the PS3 and the PET have a cutaway for the disc slot/Battle Chip slot, conveniently situated in the far right side of the convex.

The Link PET EX was unveiled in August of 2005, three months after the PS3's official revealing at E3. Coincidence? Maybe...maybe not.


  1. Coincidence, you say ? Maybe.. Maybe not. I think maybe not. :P

  2. Oh come on, they look nothing alike. :P

  3. Coincidence, or I'll be sad :/

  4. This is ridiculous. Even from that angle, its a stretch, and it only gets worse it you turn them around. The Link PET looks more like an MP3 player anyway.

  5. I think the PETs are more loosely based on Nintendo's handhelds.

    The BN3/anime PET had a sort of similar layout to an original Game Boy Advance, plus the sliding handle. The GBA went SP, having the flip-open feature, and the BN4 PET did the same. BN5 had that PET that had the extra virtual screen and touch functions in the anime, sort of like the DS. And the PET from BN6, with its smaller size, reminded me of the Game Boy Micro.

    Again, it's not like these are 1:1 comparisons, but it seemed like from BN3 and up, they were working with a similar feel to Nintendo's handhelds for each.

    --LBD "Nytetrayn"

  6. That's actually a good comparison. I thought about it too...

  7. Ah, my last comment was referring to Nytetrayn's comparison, not the PS3 comparison.

  8. Ridiculous. Totally ridiculous.


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