Friday, February 27, 2009

Pulseman Coming To the Virtual Console...Who?

Not Rockman news per se', but noteworthy nonetheless:

Pulseman, the cult classic Sega Mega Drive ("Genesis") game by Game Freak, has been rated by the ESRB; a sure fire sign the title is coming to the North American Virtual Console. does this remotely relate to Rockman? I believe VOLTECCER! stated it best:

"[The game]stars Pulseman, appropriately, a miracle boy who is half human and half digital. Because of this he is able to freely move between the real world and the digital word (i.e. going into machines and computer networks. Think Tron or Mega Man Battle Network). He has taken it upon himself to battle against Doc Waruyama, leader of Galaxy Gang, a group intent on taking over the world, and the whole galaxy seemingly. Rather trite storyline, yes, but ten years ago that was the bar for many games.

Pulseman attacks electrically, using slashes, charged shots and of course his trademark Volteccer, which essentially turns the hero into an electrified pinball that can bounce off walls infinitely, smash through enemies, and perform various useful tasks to make it through stages.Some have said the game is a crossover of Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog, and that's a fairly good way of looking at it. On the Mega Man side you star as a robot (well, robot-looking) boy in a slightly futuristic time who must protect the world from a mad scientist and his deadly creations/suboridnates, and on the Sonic side, much of the gameplay is speed centric; Pulseman moves quickly and he needs to in order to charge up. Nevertheless, these elements combine together in a way to create something that's entirely unique, and not a shadow of something else."

I absolutely loved Pulseman and I guarantee, you'll enjoy it as well. So please, do check it out when it comes our way!


  1. For some reason, after watching a few AMVs and looking at some cool fanart, I want to flip Capcom off.

    I'm not sure why.


  2. Yeah I had played it on emulator before and it was fun. I will play it on VC in english.. Finally! :D

  3. Nice, I tried this game out once and liked it, when it comes out on the VC then I'll get this for sure


  5. @Anon2: Huh?

    This game sounds pretty fun...

  6. Awesome! I'm definitely downloading it if it comes our way. Keep us posted, Protodude!


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