Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another Rockman World "Collection"

Honestly, I'm beginning to think the Rockman World titles are the most pirated RM games ever.

Here, we have yet another multicart auction containing RM World 1~5 entitled "Rockman World Perfect." Indeed, such an item is tempting; after all, who wouldn't want to own all five World titles in a single cart?

For $24.99 plus $15.99 shipping, a pirate of this caliber isn't worth it. So please, wait it out until we have ourselves a true blue World collection

Why did you have to go and let us down Atomic-Planet?


  1. All this needa is a complete color-overhaul, and it would be a better work than Atomic Planet.

    You can even make your own "user-friendly" GBA ROM with all 5 games in them with emulator called Goomba, meant to be run on a GBA cartridge. ^^

  2. I hate people sell the full of piracy roms on ebay. Scary! They like to get your money away from you and destroy you.

  3. Sadly if you wait for a real collection you're going to wait... forever. :(

  4. Nah, I had them before and I sold them to ebay and the games I had was real. I was not sorry to sell it because I had no choice. I am happy that I owned them before. :)

  5. All they did for the lable was use the artwork from Rockman Complete Works and boss snapshots from games, like Rockman & Forte. And some of the characters were never in the games themselves.


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