Saturday, February 14, 2009

Rockman and Roll Invade Daletto World

According to Japanese PRC reader "555", Rockman and Roll are making prominent appearances throughout "Daletto World" Capcom's Second Life-ish virtual community.

Both Rock and Roll are fully intractable NPCs, offering little conversations about the happenings of Daletto World and giving away items every now and then. Apparently, during the week of Rockman 9's release, the two gave out a special "virtual t-shirts" featuring an 8-bit Rockman on the front and back. Awww.

Daletto World sure seems interesting, though I doubt we'll see something like this on our shores. If you've played Second Life, you're not missing much apparently.


  1. That picture of Rock there reminds me eerily of Coroline...

  2. It's interesting - the avatars from the game are like anime-ish cardboard cutouts. But, like you said, we probably won't ever see this in a Western nation, although it seems like a toned-down version of Second Life.


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