Sunday, February 15, 2009

Now You Can Play "Rocman X" Online!

"Rocman X," the infamous NES pirate is now available to play online for free at Nintendo8 Online.
It's a strange pirate indeed, baring little resemblance to the source material with a few tidbits that reek of rip off. (yes, the title is actually spelled "Rocman X", not a typo.)

Periodically, you can find a hard copy of the game on ebay under the name "Thunder Blast Man" or "Sachen," usually from anywhere between $15.00~$30.00.

You can learn more about Rocman X here.


  1. I already know about it a year ago or two. It was horrible and ridiculous. It was hack, that's why. No, thanks!!!!!!

  2. one of my favorite bootlegs :3


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